Extreme Rules: WWE's Dangerous Pay-Per-View Event

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

The pay-per-view event, Extreme Rules, is upon us. Just hours away there are wrestlers with nervous stomachs, a thousand thoughts going through their heads and are trying to focus at their task at hand.

Jeff Hardy has an enormous match laying ahead of him, against Smackdown's heavyweight champion, Edge in a ladder match.

Of course he probably has on his mind if his brother Matt will interfere and cost him the championship again. Or Vickie may have someone do it so her precious husband doesn't lose his title.

If neither one doesn't happen I will be very surprised. Usually, Vickie Guerrero has a back up plan just in case Edge's opponent is getting too close to winning the title from him. It's been known to happen many times before.

John Cena and The Big Slow (Show) are gunning for each other as well. This rivalry has been going on too long and it needs to end somewhere, sometime, somehow. Both are incredible athletes and both possess a lot of strength.

Show is slow but has a powerful right hand. Cena is no slouch either. This match is a Submission Match and Cena has some work ahead of him. How do you put a submission on a giant?

Randy Orton and Batista are in a Caged Steel Match. This ought to be interesting. The Viper and the Animal are going to shed blood tonight. Its going to be a miracle if anyone gets out of that cage alive.

A Fatal Four Way with the new United States Champion, Kofi Kingston vs MVP vs William Regal vs Matt Hardy. Wow, this is going to be wild. They all think they deserve to have that belt around their waist and they do.

MVP lost it to Kingston recently, and of course, he would love to have it back. All of these men have been the U.S champion. Matt might pull it off with the help of his cast.

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho are in a no holds barred match. Anything can and will happen in this matchup. Jericho is arrogant and is very much convinced that he will win.

He always has a back up plan but may not need it because its a no holds barred match. He could pick up a brick and knock Rey out. He wants to see whats under Mysterio's mask, and he wants to reveal Rey to the world.

Christian is going to have his hands full in a triple threat match with Tommy Dreamer and former ECW champion, Jack Swagger.

If Tommy loses tonight, he has to leave the WWE for good. Maybe Dreamer can grab that title one more time. He's hungry and doesn't want to quit doing what he does best.

Lastly, we have the comedy team of Vickie Guerrero and Santina Marella in a Hog Pen match. This match is sure to lighten the mood and tension.

It's more or less a comedy skit even though its for the Miss Wrestlemania crown and sash. Can't wait to see that one. I need a good laugh. Oink Oink.