20 Sports Nut Shots That Hurt to Watch

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2014

20 Sports Nut Shots That Hurt to Watch

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    As any guy knows, there's one thing that hurts more than anything in the world—a nut shot.

    Although athletes tend to wear cups during games, even having a protective piece of plastic can't stop the wrath of a powerful blow to the old balls.

    While it's not my job to make you cringe, I feel it to be necessary to show off some of the most painful nut shots we've seen in sports—so be happy you weren't on the receiving end of any of these.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

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    I'm guessing that, given the fact he wasn't lined up in a wall, German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger wasn't anticipating a straight shot to the man purse.

    That's unfortunate, because it's what happened to him during a Champions League game a few years ago.

    When a dude goes down in a heap immediately following getting his nuts crushed, that's when you know it's bad.

Little Leaguer Learns a Lesson

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    Ahh yes, the thrill of playing first base in little league.

    It's a sign of responsibility as the coaches believe you can handle the pressure of catching every ball thrown your way on a grounder—that is, unless you're getting clocked in the nuts like this kid did.

    Making matters worse, the runner ended up on third because of the passed ball.

Pau Gasol Steals a Handful

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    Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol has been an All-Star and world champion in his days in the league, but maybe it's time to add a nutcracker to his resume as well.

    At least Gasol proved to be one during an altercation with Serge Ibaka during the Western Conference Semis a few years back, copping a handful of nuts.

Earl Thomas

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    The Seattle Seahawks' secondary is nicknamed the "Legion of Boom," but I'd bet the guys part of the intimidating defense never thought they'd experience what it'd be like to be on the receiving end of a monster hit—especially in the nuts.

    Too bad safety Earl Thomas got the boom from his hefty counterpart, Kam Chancellor, during a playoff game a few weeks ago.

Jeff Francoeur's Tap

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    After hitting a rare triple last season, Jeff Francoeur didn't just toss a high-five to celebrate with his third-base coach Eddie Rodriguez.

    No, the outfielder thought back-handing Rodriguez in the nuts would be the proper way show his happiness.

    I'd like to think he was just double-checking his coach was wearing a cup.

Led with the Crown...of His Kneecap

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    Fans never want to see two opposing guys getting into it on the field, just for fear that something really, really bad happens.

    I'd say a knee to a dude's nuts constitutes as being bad.

    On a positive note, former Seattle Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens looks like he was well-equipped with the proper equipment to stay upright after getting clocked by Tyler Brayton.

Youth Soccer Player

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    If this one doesn't make you cringe by crossing your legs, grabbing your own guys and let out a loud "ohhhh!" then you either have no heart or have no idea the pain getting hit in the nuts brings.

    A direct shot to the nuts is a great way to speak in falsetto for the rest of the day.

A Toe Poke

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    How far would you go for playoff tickets?

    Turns out, a few people are more willing to go over-the-top than others, as this video proves after an older guy takes a shoe to the dong.

    Damn. It's obvious he wanted tickets pretty badly, but was it worth costing his manhood?

Nicolas Batum Squares Up

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    Whenever an athlete makes a fist in a sport, it always means there's intent to do something bad.

    Sometimes, that's just a swing and miss, and other times it's a direct hit.

    In this case, Portland Trail Blazers and French international player Nicolas Batum was the culprit, as he laid an iron fist on Spanish player Juan Carlos Navarro's two amigos.

"Lightning" Gets Struck

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    Although one would believe being surrounded by a cushy mascot costume would provide some extra support from taking a major blow to the body, Middle Tennessee State's mascot "Lightning" found it wasn't the case.

    As the video points out, the stallion got tagged during a volleyball game that makes me cringe as he falls to the ground.

Jose Iglesias

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    Being hit by a mid-90s fastball? Yeah, it doesn't feel too great.

    Getting hit by the same mid-90s fastball in the balls? It feels a hell of a lot worse.

    Either way, I'm sure Detroit Tigers infielder Jose Iglesias would prefer the wood he's holding in his hands makes more contact with the baseball than anything else.

Carl Crawford

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    This isn't the way any athlete wants to be reminded that protection around the crotchal region is recommended.

    However, Carl Crawford probably doesn't take any more chances and makes sure he's got the proper equipment before stepping on the diamond—because rolling around and grabbing his package looks like he won't want to have it happen again.

Thomas Morstead

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    Who says punters don't grab headlines?

    Of course, in the case of New Orleans punter Thomas Morstead, this type of acknowledgement isn't the kind he'd want to be recognized for.

    Hey, it's rainy up in Seattle, so even the gloved Morstead couldn't even stop the pigskin from sliding through his hands and right into his junk—resulting in an uglier punt of just 16 yards.

    Getting reamed out by his coaches on the sideline couldn't have been as bad as the football to his man piece.

Denys Yurchenko's Pole Gets Hit

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    At first glance, one might not notice this pole vaulter getting clipped on his nuts.

    But when the camera angle changes to show him clearing the bar, it becomes clear Ukrainian pole vaulter Denys Yurchenko wasn't fortunate to escape the jump unscathed.

    Can we get this guy a gold medal for just being able to walk away from this?

Tampa Bay Rays Fan

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    Catching a ball at a professional baseball game is a dream every fan has when entering a stadium.

    Not only is it thrilling to get a souvenir by way of snagging a ball bare-handed, but it might even get you on TV!

    It's too bad this Tampa Bay Rays fan had a miserable experience when a ball was hit his way, whiffing on the catch and getting hit squarely in the cock-a-doodle-doo.

    He should just bring a glove next time—and a cup!

Chi Chi Rodriguez

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    Chi Chi Rodriguez might be a famous golfer with over 30 years of professional experience, but that doesn't mean even he can pull off a difficult trick shot.

    Chi Chi found that out the hard way, as a shot he tried to demonstrate for challengers on a TV show went terribly wrong, as the ball bounced off a barrier in front of him and back into his balls—and I'm not talking about the spare ones he had in his pocket.

Robert Griffin III

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    Let's check the replay on this one—yep, a direct shot to the nuts.

    I know this wasn't a penalty on the San Francisco 49ers' Aldon Smith—who wasn't punished for the inadvertent kick—but with the ref coming over to Robert Griffin to send his sympathy, I'm sure RGIII had wished a flag would have been tossed after the pain he was enduring.

Carlos Boozer's Bomb

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    Good God, Carlos Boozer!

    Not only did the Chicago Bulls' forward make more than direct contact with referee Danny Crawford, he did so by winding up to celebrate a basket by striking the official in the baby-makers.

    With the force and power Boozer showed on this shot, I'm surprised Crawford wasn't calling the rest of the game from a wheelchair, because I wouldn't have been able to walk.

Yannick Bertrand

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    If his death scream isn't enough to make you get goosebumps and scrunch your legs together, then maybe him stopping his run is enough to really feel for French skier Yannick Bertrand.

    Dude was flying down that hill, so a direct shot into his third pole is just wrong.

The Bullied Bat Boy

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    OK, bat boys, just because you're not technically playing the game doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for the unexpected.

    Words can't describe the feeling all of us should have for this Chicago White Sox bat boy who got clocked in the man sack by a juiced-up Jose Canseco.

    Honestly, with the game stopping as long as it did, I wonder if poor bro is even out of the hospital by now.