WWE Pay Per View Previews: Extreme Rules

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WWE Pay Per View Previews: Extreme Rules
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Well tonight is the one night of the year in which the WWE features all their matches to be under a certain stipulation. Once known as One Night Stand, I feel as though that WWE's PG rating will hurt the show's amount of extreme.

I honestly will not be buying the pay per view, but I'll check out some of it via free online stream. It is really Judgment Day 2.0 and I feel the show has a few problems.

First of all, we have a No Holds Barred, Extreme Rules, and a Fatal Four Way on this card. Is there any difference between No Holds Barred and an Extreme Rules Match? If so, please explain it to me.

As for the Fatal Four Way stipulation, I can only think how lazy was WWE with this. At least give it a stipulation at an all stipulation show.

Battle Royal? Elimination? Come on WWE, those were two options right off the top of my head. Anyways, here is my Extreme Rules preview.

Match 1: United States Championship Fatal Four Way: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Matt Hardy vs William Regal vs MVP

Well this is WWE's thrown together match. Not to say it had no build up, but in all essence it did not have enough. First of all, why is Matt Hardy in the mid card? I get why MVP is in it with his rematch clause, but Matt should be facing guys in the main event.

Even Miz is more useful than Matt. Looks as though there is nothing for Matt to do besides be Vickie's henchman and tag team with William Regal.

By no means will I not enjoy this match because it will be a great match, but everybody can speculate that Kofi Kingston will retain. He just won the title belt last week on Raw.

So this will be a great match, though I think this is MVP's good way out of the mid card, but for Hardy, I see nothing too luminescent in his future. As for the extreme factor in this match, I think there will not be much except maybe a few chair shots. But that would be it.

Predicted Winner: Kofi Kingston via pinfall in a 10-15 minute match.

Match 2: Submission Match: Big Show vs John Cena

This feud has really made Raw so painful to watch. We have seen this before and it will never be different. Super Cena cannot nail his STF on the Big Show so it looks impossible for him to win due to Big Slow dominating on Raw. Then at the pay per view, John Cena will find some way to lock in the STF and make the big man tap.

There is no chance whatsoever that Cena will tap out. It is just not going to happen and this is tonight's sleeper. I know that is my time to watch a television show, eat dinner, and use the bathroom because this will drag on forever.

So get ready for a Super Cena comeback, though I pray that The Miz can save this match in some sort of interference between, during, or after this so we can see Cena vs Miz soon, though I doubt Miz will look good in that feud.

Predicted Winner: John Cena via submission in a 20-30 minute match.

Match 3: No Holds Barred Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio

Maybe one of two matches I am looking forward to tonight, I love this feud between Jericho and Mysterio though I am unhappy about the whole mask scenario. I really doubt that Mysterio will be unmasked, but if he is then I will go crazy because the mask makes Mysterio.

It is who he is and if he loses the mask, it hurts WWE in so many ways. Merchandise sales go down drastically, Mysterio's fanbase dies out a bit as he is basically stripped of his identity, and he will never be the same.

They tried it in WCW and it was a total bust. Mysterio just can not lose the mask no matter what tonight, but I feel it will be teased quite a bit. I just cannot imagine him not wearing the mask. But on to the match itself.

Just like Judgment Day, I see this being a phenomenal match with Jericho likely going over. I feel he does not need to win, but I honestly think that Mysterio will move on to feud with Edge before Summerslam when Undertaker is looking to return and we could see Jericho feud with Jeff Hardy and ultimately take Hardy out of the WWE if he does not re-sign with WWE. That is the best way to go in my opinion.

Again, this match will be stellar and I do see the belt changing hands tonight, but I do not expect Mysterio to lose the mask unless he shields his face. I think the Extreme factor will be used a good part of this match with a lot of outside ring action.

Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho in a 15-20 minute match.

In Ring Segment: Hogpen Match for the Ms. WrestleMania Crown Match: Vickie Guerrero vs Santina Marella

Hey who needs Michelle McCool, Beth Pheonix, Melina, Gail Kim, and Maryse when you have Raw's General Manager taking on everybody's favorite lesbian cross-dresser. This is my potty break for tonight as this will be mostly a segment than a match.

I am completely against this because it demeans women's wrestling so much. Word up Vince, you know you have a good amount of decent Diva's that can pull off some good matches.

I have never experienced a Hog Pen match, but I'm guessing that there will be a lot of mud and maybe a pig or something. I really do not care either way. But something I think may happen is Chavo will come out and reveal Santina for being Santino.

I think Vince only fooled Michael Cole with this storyline because I think eight year olds could figure this out. I think the only thing as bad as this was when Samoa Joe wanted to kill Kurt Angle. So tell me Joe, you want to kill people for a belt or something? Someone needs a good doctor.

Predicted Winner: Vickie Guerrero in a 10-minute segment.

Match 4: CM Punk vs Umaga in a Strap Match

This feud has left me in a complete state of confusion. Why does Umaga want to hurt CM Punk again? Did we get a reason yet?

I am also angered at the fact that we saw these two go one on one this Friday which to me tells a lot of the match. It will put me to sleep because for some reason, Umaga of all people has left me bored.

If you like basic mat wrestling, then you will like this, but I have seen nothing impressive that made me want to watch these two fight. As for the strap stipulation, I think Umaga's strap is Mark Henry's pants belt, but I guess the Strap Match could make this a little more interesting though I have never liked this match.

I do see CM Punk winning as WWE has made Umaga look strong heading into Extreme Rules with the exception of last Friday.

Predicted Winner: CM Punk in a 10 minute Match

Match 5: Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship: Christian (c) vs Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Swagger

This match to me has been well built up and I think it will be the end of the Tommy Dreamer era in ECW. In reality, Dreamer's contract is up after tonight and he has yet to re-sign, so I think Christian will retain in a well fought match.

I do see Dreamer shining in this match. I think we'll see all of his signature moves as well the use of weapons that Dreamer is most known for using. I do think that Christian will be the one to pin Dreamer and then there will be a sendoff at this ECW based pay per view. Maybe have Dreamer pass the torch by raising Christian's arm and he could nail one last Dreamer DDT to Jack Swagger. I am actually looking forward to seeing what happens during this match

Predicted Winner: Christian via pinfall in a 10-15 minute match. Dreamer's sendoff could be another 5 minutes though

Match #6: Steel Cage for the WWE Championship: Batista vs Randy Orton (c)

Another feud that makes me sick to watch Raw every night. The way Orton has been booked has been mediocre and Batista flat out sucks in general. The only thing Batista has done is making Rhodes and DiBiase look like jobbers. Ric Flair was a nice addition, but this to me has tainted his retirement because that match with Orton in the parking lot really looked like a real match. Flair even used his vintage moves (like a punch Michael Cole, because only Flair uses a punch).

When Orton and Triple H feuded, it was booked to perfection. Orton got his sadistic new chatacter and Triple H can make anyone look good when he is not burying them. The match will be a snorefest because I am not a fan of Batista or Orton really, but still this match will probably feature Flair's interference along with Legacy being buried by a 60 year old man outside the cage. I think that Orton will retain and I pray that Triple H returns to so Batista can just leave the main event.

Predicted Winner: Randy Orton via escaping the cage in a 20-25 minute match.

Main Event: Ladder Match for the World Championship: Edge (c) vs Jeff Hardy

Despite Jeff's lack of promo skills, this feud has been very solid and I look forward to these two having their first one on one ladder match. I think there will be a lot of insane spots and it will be a great match, but again the question is what is Hardy's status with the WWE?

But wheter or not he is staying, I think Edge will win this match. If Hardy is leaving in July, I think it is just too late to push him with a championship, though it would have been a different story if he had won it last month because he could have had a decent reign.

Anyways this will be a great match that has been very well built up. Ultimately, Edge will retain.

Predicted Winner: Edge in a 25-30 minute bout

Well in conclusion, this is looking to be WWE's worst pay per view this year. So far I think that all of them so far have been decent, but this will be the throwaway. I suggest you do not buy this as there are some good matches, but way to many flaws and poor matches that will be featured. So let us hope that Night of Champions will be a strong rebound from this.

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