Who Should Colorado Sports Fans Call a Rival?

Mike BogaczCorrespondent IApril 23, 2008

One thing that’s always sure to bring emotion in sports is your favorite local team having a hated rival. In Colorado their has been a fair share of “god I hate them” teams for the local sports fans to despise in an drunken fueled venomous  moment, “Colorado’s News leader” 9News had an informal poll about who do you think is the biggest rivalry in Colorado sports Avs-Redwings/ Broncos Raiders/CU-CSU/ or Rockies Diamondbacks? Overwhelming response, avs-wings, close 2nd broncos/raiders last place, Rox-D-Backs

 In Sports MOST rivalries are stared in the playoffs, others by a cheapshot, IN THE PLAYOFFS..

 For all of the mid to late 90’s the team that brought the city of Denver together in an we hate your team and city moment was Detroit and the Redwings. The Avalanche and Redwings had a good, downright hate filled, “if WE lose to THEM, we will riot” bloodshed hate for one another, I’m sure some redwings fans will dispute this though, seeing that they won one more cup, 2 of which came at the expense of beating the avs in 1997 and 2002. But, as I’ve documented plenty of times this past year, that “dispute” ended at the conclusion of Game 7 of the 2002 Stanley cup finals..Or more rightfully so, the western conference finals (come on, like ANY team in the east had a chance against EITHER the avalanche or redwings? The Carolina Hurricanes proved a resounding, NO, bowing out the the wings in 5 games) so with that rival/hatred done with, WHO should the bandwagon Colorado sports “fans” consider denvers/colorados rival? Sure some broncos fans will suggest the Oakland Raiders, I disagree. For one, the raiders have NOT had a winning, thus have not made the playoffs since the 2002 season, when they were CREAMED by the Bucs in superbowl 37.  In fact the MOST games the raiders won since then were FIVE, in 2004. The Broncos have not made the post season in 2 years, since they were beaten by the eventual superbowl champ, Steelers in the AFC championship game in 2006 ( anyone happen to know the whereabouts of Jake Plummer?) regardless if the Broncos have the 4th easiest schedule this upcoming season, I will be SHOCKED if they make the playoffs. The raiders, well the most fun you can have watching them will be to count how many shots you have on TV of JaMarcus Russell WILTING away on the bench. OH WHAT FUN! The same can apply to Cleveland and watching “Mr. Subway” Brady Quinn, and count how many clipboard holding shots you see of him on TV.

NO, the team Colorado and Rockies bandwagon fans should despise. The Arizona Diamondbacks. The rox and D-backs have a nice “disagreement” brewing. Since the Rockies swept the best team in the National League, and the taken WAY out of context comments of FORMER Rockies player Eric Byrnes. You can add the fact of Mark Grace and HIS taken out of context!? Comments about  Rockies Closer Manny Corpas and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. I’m sure that of ALL the fans that booed Eric Byrnes on opening day at Coors Field, had NO CLUE why EVERYONE was booing him, I say only 15 percent know why thus they started booing Byrnes for his comments after the NLCS game 3 “of the better team is losing” along those lines. Well he is correct now, the D-backs are one of the better, if not the best (I’m sure the Brewers, Mets and Phillies. Perhaps redbirds fans have a say) It’s obvious,. A month into the season the better team in the NL west IS the Diamondbacks, there’s a reason why the D-backs are the defending NL West champs, and not the defending NL champs. The D-backs have a better pitching rotation. But both teams have very good quality and YOUNG batters. So the Rockies and diamond backs COULD..COULD be heading for a NL West cold war. But not this season.

I know sports fans just have to have “that team” to hate, but again, the avs-wings are not it, nor are the broncos –raiders. So, words of wisdom, wait another year or 2 Rockies bandwagoners, and the Rox-D-backs COULD, I repeat and emphasize COULD..Be the southwest America Redsox-Yankees.