Things Get Hilariously Weird in Hedo Turkoglu Spoof Video

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistJanuary 31, 2014

The box scores might not recognize him, but the basketball world clearly hasn't forgotten its old friend and recent Los Angeles Clippers addition, Hedo Turkoglu.

The 34-year-old has played just nine games for the Clippers, averaging only 2.4 points (on 36.4 percent shooting) in 11.7 minutes a night.

If there's a comeback story to be written here—Turkoglu made just 11 appearances for the Orlando Magic last season—we're clearly worlds away from the conclusion.

Thanks to Tas Melas of NBA TV's "The Starters," though, we at least have the introduction to this tale. Starring as "Dancin' Hedo" himself, Melas takes us through the veteran forward's journey from his native Turkey (or possibly Orlando) to his new home in Hollywood.

How do we get there, you ask? Dancing, of course. Did you not see our main character's name?

The video has a little of everything that makes Turkoglu the player we all know and, well, know. There's some obsessive hand-licking, his pre-game meal of choice (pizza) and as much dancing as the noted nocturnal partier can take.

Clearly Melas Dancin' Hedo was enjoying himself. He didn't exactly take the most direct route on his travel.

"Who taught Hedo Turkoglu geography?"'s Nicole Conlan wrote. "I’m no cartographer, but I’m pretty sure whether you’re starting in either Orlando or Turkey, the most direct route to Los Angeles is not Istanbul->Pamplona->Paris->Egypt->Pisa->Stonehenge->Antarctica->London->L.A."

It's a reasonable question, for sure.

Then again, maybe Turkoglu was just soaking up the last bits of freedom he had before fully getting back into the grind. The regular season can be rough, and the Clippers seem poised to make at least a postseason appearance.

Even with pizza and parties—or, better yet, pizza parties—mixed into that routine, there's still a routine to follow. His dance card can only have so many spots, what with basketball getting in the way and all.

What had me puzzled wasn't Turkoglu's poor navigation skills. The entire time I was watching this clip, I couldn't help but wonder how Turkoglu's old teammate/fellow pizza connoisseur/dancing partner Glen "Big Baby" Davis felt about being left out.

When did Turkoglu get all Billy Idol on us? You're better than that, Dancin' Hedo.