Formula One: Quotes of Turkey

Mike CassCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - JUNE 07:  Jenson Button (L) of Great Britain and Brawn GP is interviewed by Martin Brundle on the grid before the Turkish Formula One Grand Prix at Istanbul Park on June 7, 2009, in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

This continues my regular feature article that selects the best quotes of the race weekend, at the end of the season I'll pick my top ten.

Race Build Up

Lewis Hamilton went a little gangster whilst talking about his chances for qualifying, “It's been a complete hustle all year to get into the top ten. We're hustling and grinding to get every bit out of that car as possible.”

Might I suggest less grinding Lewis?

After qualifying Lewis went onto say, “We probably should have scrapped this car a long time ago. It is too late now.”

So, maybe that's where the "grinding" comes in.

Nico Rosberg was asked about his future, and came out with this gem, “It's one of the things in my head, but right now it's such a big mess out there, where the hell are we going? Unbelievable.”

Indeed Nico that's a question we're all asking, where the hell are we going?

During Saturdays press conference Rubens Barrichello was asked about grid position being a factor due to the clean and dirty side of the grid, “Although I like Jenson very much, I hope my side is a lot cleaner than his.”

Button replied, “If any of you[press] want to get your road cars out, do some starts, you're more than welcome.”

Balazs Vajta working for Autosport es Formula put this to Barrichello, “You and Jenson seem like perfect brothers. After every race you are hand-in-hand but you are second most of the time.”

Barrichello replied, “You know, as much as I love Jenson as a friend, I hate him as a driver.”

BBC Coverage

The BBC pundits are getting funnier as the season goes on, and once again it was David Coulthard who had me in stitches.

Technical director for Williams Sam Michael was explaining the differences between their old front wing and the new one, when David Coulthard comes out with, “You were unfortunate enough to start your career with Jordan Grand Prix [Eddie Jordan is also a BBC pundit and is there at the time] it must be a joy to work with a professional organisation like Williams where you get to bring in developments like that mid season.”

Sam Michael gave a very professional response, despite Eddie Jordan trying to prompt him further.

In an interview with Nelson Piquet Junior, Lee Mckenzie asked “Flavio is known for having one star in the team, the other driver in some ways is a bit of a supporting actor. How is it from your point of view, driving with Fernando, driving under the watchful eye of Flavio?”

“It's not easy you know, obviously Fernando is Flavio's perfect little son, who won't ever complain about anything and obviously I have to always match him or to beat him.”

That quote from Piquet is one hell of a controversial statement, how can he say Alonso never complains about anything, he is a serial whiner!

Jake Humphrey was doing some training with Lewis Hamilton, and Hamilton described the force of braking like “having an elephant thrown on your back and having to hold it.”

David Coulthard was assisting with Martin Brundle's grid walk and put this question to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner before the race, “You've got a good record in the wet, what can you do without lubrication?”

His response was to big Vettel up, but then hit back “I've just been talking with the Italian commentator and she is much prettier than you two are.”

Post Race

“You've built me a monster of a car!” No that's not a Hamilton quote, that's what Button shouted over the radio when he crossed the line.

Mark Webber continues to show his ability with one liners, "I'm happy because I don't think we were ever going to win today, because the guy who won is a different animal!"

Webber, never one to whine, also came out with, “We got caned fair and square today.”

Frederic Ferret working for L'Equipe put this question to Sebastian Vettel, “When you saw Jenson flying away what did you feel you still miss in your car, to beat the Brawn's race pace?”

To which Vettel replied, “When I saw him flying away the first thing I thought was shit!”

I think that's what Lewis Hamilton has been thinking all season.