Laurence Fishburne Is Morpheus for Matrix-Fueled Kia Super Bowl Commercial

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It's time to find out once again how far the rabbit hole goes, but this time you can do the rabbit-hole traveling in a Kia

Apparently, there is a great time of peace between the shroud over our eyes known as the Matrix and the hole in the earth known as Zion, because Morpheus has given up on recruiting soldiers to make sure people feel comfortable in their car. 

Hey, it may not be a power-packed battle with agents, but it's something. 

Thankfully, Kia dropped this Super Bowl commercial featuring Laurence Fishburne a wee bit early. Now we get to savor all the possibilities that might come with a chance encounter with the bane of so many agent's existence. 

This is also a bit of a departure form last year's ad, which featured a father dodging one of the more awkward questions they might get from one of their children:  

For their new luxury vehicle, the K900, Kia decided it was a good idea to mix some pop culture with a bit of high culture. 

Once you take the car for a spin, you might shrug off the entire experience as surreal. Good thing Morpheus decided to hitch a ride so he can inform you that, "It's very real. This is what luxury looks like. And this is what it sounds like."

At that point, it would have been nice to see Trinity fly through as agents chased her down the street, firing off explosions as we get some bullet-time action.

Hey, but a nice little song works as well. As USA Today's Chris Woodyard notes, Morpheus launches into an emotional rendition of Puccini's "Turandot." 

It seems the Matrix landscape is going quite well. It's filled with agents who eat across from one another at a restaurant and rebels who chill in the backseat as they belt out some operatic notes. Maybe next time Neo will take background vocals. 

The red pill still doesn't sound so bad. 

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