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Debate: Will Harrison Barnes Regain His 2013 Playoff Form?

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Debate: Will Harrison Barnes Regain His 2013 Playoff Form?
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Harrison Barnes hasn't come close to the way he played in the 2013 playoffs where he appeared to emerge as one of the top young players in the NBA. Do you think he will become that player again this season?


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For a guy who never came off the bench a day in his life I think it's tough for him . He looks out of rhythm most of the time and by his body language...
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He just needs to regain his black falcon. Thrown down some more, he'll be the only warrior who actually drives to the basket and throw down with autho...
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Dear barnes, you are not curry or clay. Enough if moving around looking fir clean shots. Go to the rim like you did vs clippers. Green Crawford and ba...
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What do you mean more playing time? He's averaging more minutes than last year. It's his role he's having a hard time adjusting to, creating shots. I ...
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