Powerstar Golf: A Quick Look at Xbox One's Exclusive Arcade Links Title

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Published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Zoe Mode, Powerstar Golf is a fun arcade golf game that will remind many of the old Hot Shots Golf series. The developers have also produced titles like Disney Sing It, the Zumba Fitness series and Eye Toy games.

Powerstar Golf maintains the fun and kid-friendly concepts of the developer’s previous work. While the Grand Theft Autos and Saints Rows of the gaming world have their place and value, it’s cool to play games that don’t require a parental advisory sticker once in a while.

In the gameplay displayed in the video, the character chosen is the big, powerful guy. Starting out, you only get two choices: the big guy and a lady who has higher accuracy ratings.

The players have an awesome cartoonish look to them. It adds to the overall personality of the game.

As you get more acquainted with the traditional swing meter, it becomes a little easier to nail shots with power and accuracy.

This gameplay was done on the difficulty setting just above the default setting.

While the play mechanics are simplistic, Powerstar Golf does have enough layers to keep mature gamers interested. A younger gamer may find themselves attracted to the wacky characters and animated backgrounds.

This isn't a game made to rival EA Sports PGA Tour Golf, or the soon-to-be-released The Golf Club. Those games are more traditional simulations.

As an Xbox One digital download exclusive, Powerstar Golf is an affordable ($19.99) fun and comical variation of the sport.


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