AJ McCarron Cracks Friendly Joke About Brent Musburger

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2014

Getty Images

As long as model Katherine Webb and quarterback AJ McCarron are together, they will always be linked to ESPN's Brent Musburger.

Nobody will ever forget how Musburger gushed over Webb during the 2013 BCS National Championship Game. The model's career took off from there, helping her become even more famous than her boyfriend.

McCarron is preparing himself for the upcoming NFL draft, so teams are bound to ask him some strange questions. Even when the question isn't about Musburger, the quarterback has a chance to show off his sense of humor.

Thursday was a great example of how the QB might handle questions about the situation. During an interview, NFL Network's Scott Hanson asked McCarron if he had a picture of his model girlfriend. His answer, via NFL.com, was priceless:

"If I don't, I'm sure Brent Musburger does," McCarron said.

That's the kind of answer that everyone wants to hear.