Audi's Super Bowl Commercial Is Equal Parts Funny and Scary with Dog Hybrid

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Beware the Doberhuahua

The preceding sentence should be taken as the prime warning as you traipse so merrily into Super Bowl weekend. 

Go ahead and check to make sure you have enough charcoal for your grill and enough beer to throw a gaggle of bros a suitable party. You might even want to check that your favorite chair has been cordoned off for Sunday, ensuring you the best seat in the house. 

But above all, beware the Doberhuahua

A tip of the hat to The Big Lead for spotting the latest Super Bowl commercial to make its way to YouTube ahead of the big game. 

By now you have seen the entirety of the commercial and should have sufficient reason to stay away from any hybrids heading into all of your respective parties. 

Now, some hybrids make a great deal of sense: hot dogs and beer, chips and salsa, guacamole and anything. You get the idea. 

However, you get into some terrifying stuff when you dare take one part Doberman and another Chihuahua and combine them—at least when you do it as literally as possible. 

What you get is the stuff of nightmares, and, as one of the dog show hosts proclaims, "It's disturbing to look at it directly." Yes. Yes it is. 

Oh sure, we have Sarah McLachlan attempting to explain that these dogs just want to frolic and play like any other pooch. Well, they can frolic on your lawn. 

Now, let's see if Audi's gamble pays off and Doberhuahua becomes the buzzword of Sunday evening. 

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