Off to Battle with the New York Mets

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Off to Battle with the New York Mets
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As the New York Mets continue to frustrate me to no end, I’m wondering if there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

According to the Mets Manager Jerry Manuel, the light is close because, the Mets are battling!

That’s right, the team with the second highest payroll in Major League Baseball is falling apart and yet, they are battling folks.

Wow, isn't that just great.

A team with not a clutch bone in its collective body, and it’s a wonder these bones aren’t attached to muscles that aren’t torn, is making sure while losing 7-1 to the worst team in baseball and grounding into five double plays in the process is...


With their starting first baseman, shortstop and primary set-up Man on the DL for a long time coming, who or what will come along to step up and lead us?

David Wright? Carlos Beltran? Bobby Parnell? K-Rod? Johan Santana?

I highly doubt it.

Wright and Beltran can’t take the heat.

K-Rod needs a lead first before he makes his presence felt.

Parnell is only a rookie, and Santana can only work his magic once every five days, so they can’t help.

IF not one of our current players, what about a trade?

It’s so easy for fans to make trades through a call in show on WFAN or too blog about all the rumors that even mentions the word Mets and get fans excited about Matt Holliday or Victor Martinez or Mark DeRosa.

But will it happen? In this person’s opinion...No way.

We all know the farm system is garbage and the Wilpons have no money to spend. So what will GM Omar Minaya do exactly?


He’ll claim he is always looking for talent and yet oddly enough, surprise, surprise, won’t be able to find it.

Omar built a team that was centered on a group of players that are head cases, over anxious or lazy and most of all have no heart.

Are they talented players, All-Stars, even?

Oh no doubt about it, but when it comes to moments where the Mets need them the most? Forget it; it’s not even worth the

Sure when Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado return along with JJ Putz and Billy Wagner in August, this team will finally be together in health and will be ready to try to erase the demons of the last three seasons.

But we all know they won’t.

We all know that in the end the Phillies will come out on top and we’ll be sitting at home wondering what went wrong.

And yet we’ll be comforted with the message our Manager has been trying to send us.

That the Mets were BATTLING!

Of course, when you’re only beating yourself, does it even matter?

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