Stewart to Leave Gibbs Racing for Possible Ownership Options

Ryan ColleyCorrespondent IApril 23, 2008

Tony Stewart, a long time driver for Joe Gibbs Racing and The Home Depot has decided to move on with his career.

Stewart is making this move after winning 14 poles and 32 races under Gibbs, an astonishing career compared to many other currently active drivers.

Stewart, who still has the rest of this season and next season on his contract with Gibbs Racing has decided to prospect the idea of ownership/partnership of another Nascar team.

He has explicitly expressed interest in Haas CNC Racing, which operates two cars, one driven by Scott Riggs and the other being driven by different drivers on a weekly basis since the release of Jeremy Mayfield. Ken Schrader will attempt to qualify the 70 car this week at Talladega.

Stewart would like to consider taking up to 50 percent of the ownership responsibility associated with Haas CNC Racing. The situation would allow him to be an owner of the team as well as drive the 70 or 66 car.

The move is quite surprising considering the timeliness of the decision and the amount of time left on his contract with Gibbs Racing. Hopefully, Stewart can remain a top competitor when he moves to a new home in time for the 2010 Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

More will be available as it develops