WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from January 29

Tim KeeneyContributor IJanuary 29, 2014

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Main Event may not always be for everyone, but it's never a bad source of entertainment and solid in-ring action. 

This week's installment gave us a tremendous match between Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth, a further development in what could develop into an important divas feud and a six-man tag match featuring the massive Intercontinental champion and a popular tag team. 


Let's take a look at the results from the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. 


Alberto Del Rio Defeats R-Truth

While neither of these wrestlers has much of any direction right now, it didn't stop them from putting on a really good match. 

Del Rio is typically really strong from a technical perspective inside the ropes, and R-Truth paired well with him to put on an entertaining exhibition. There was terrific back-and-forth action, exciting spots, near-falls and the crowd was behind Truth. 

Fans on Twitter were generally happy with the match:

There are lots of people in the WWE universe who are tired of seeing Del Rio or who would like to see R-Truth get a better push, but there's no denying this was a very well-put-together match. 

That's all you can really ask for on a show like this.


Natalya Defeated Tamina Snuka

For the short amount of time this match was given, Tamina dominated. But when she went for the superkick, Natalya was able to roll her up for the win. 

Afterward, AJ Lee, who was on commentary, attacked Natalya and threw her back inside the ring to get hit with a massive kick from Tamina. Cameron and Naomi were quick to make the save, though, beating up on Tamina as AJ escaped the ring. 

The Divas division continues to get very little attention, but there is undoubtedly potential here. AJ's brilliant work as a heel was once again on display at the commentator's table, and Naomi is easily one of the most talented ladies in the business. 

It seems as though an AJ vs. Natalya feud is on the horizon, but it seems like there would be much more interest in AJ vs. Naomi:

Moreover, there was a bit of a tease of a potential breakup between AJ and Tamina when the Divas champion left her partner out to dry, so pay attention to that in the future.


Big E Langston and the Usos Defeat 3MB

It's hard to see Big E and the Usos taking on a bunch of jobbers like 3MB. Langston is an absolute monster, and as the Intercontinental champion, he should be given a better feud. And the Usos are one of the more electrifying duos inside the ring, and it would be nice to see them more involved in the tag-team title picture.

That being said, this six-man tag match was a lot of fun and well-worked from both sides.

After some solid offense from each side, Big E eventually got the hot tag and ran rampant through 3MB, eventually setting up this really cool finish:

The crowd was extremely into the winners by the end of the match, and hopefully these three are in line for some time on Raw next week.