Saints Fans Name Son Born on Drew Brees' Birthday After Quarterback

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2014

via @JoelHasette

Diehard sports fans will do anything for their team—including name their kids after players.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees' birthday is Jan. 15, so when one baby boy was born on that day this year, it was probably an easy call for his parents—who are Saints fans—to name him after the quarterback.

Here's a look at the happy family:  

@DrewBrees_News @Saints @SeanPayton meet Drew Brees Hasette born on Drew Brees Birthday can we get an autograph

— Joel Hasette (@JoelHasette) January 16, 2014

[@JoelHasette, h/t Gamedayr]