Nationals Park: Modern Day Ghost Town

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 23, 2008

Prime Seats Unsold; Press Box at Blimp Level

I've been watching the Mets' debut at the Washington Nationals' beautiful new ballpark - Nationals Park.

The Pope packed the place last week with a riveting performance, but now that the sea of Rome has receded the palatial dwelling has an eerie, quiet about it.

We all know the Nationals are not a draw in D.C. yet, like the Redskins, but I saw some unnerving elements while watching this game.

First, the seats in the lower level behind the plate went largely unoccupied.  Tradtionally, these seats are the first to be sold, or are given to VIPs.

So, that being said...why are they empty?

Well, one reason could be that they cost $300 a pop. That may explain why no one is sitting there. The club is not about to comp expensive seats.  But no one is buying them either.  

If they are empty on a Wednesday night vs the Mets - with Johan Santana on the mound - please tell me when they will be filled...?

Another problem....the press box, with the behind the plate TV view, is at the top level of the ballpark.


This is 2008. You should have camera access to everything and everyone.  This is uncalled for and a result of poor planning.

But, considering most of the decisions being made in Washington these days, I guess its par for the course...The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

I guess thats why the cheap seats are shoulder to shoulder and the expensive seats are empty....