The New Age Outlaws Will Help Improve the Tag Team Division

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2014

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“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. D-Generation X proudly brings to the six-time WWE tag team champions of the world! The Road Dogg, Jesse James; the Bad-Ass Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws!”

That’s right, wrestling fans, The New Age Outlaws are back with a vengeance.

They defeated the Brotherhood of Cody Rhodes and Goldust at the Royal Rumble pre-show event, their unprecedented sixth time as the tag team champions in the company.

It’s a pleasant surprise; the WWE Universe didn’t expect Gunn and James to take the titles. Yet here we are watching them as the new champs. We know that the Brotherhood made great champs, but the Outlaws will rise to the occasion.

The New Age Outlaws will help improve the tag team division, which incidentally doesn’t need fixing. Team Hell No, The Shield and the Brotherhood have all made the division special again. The Outlaws will improve the division like the simple phrase: “Old is new again.”

The Outlaws fought the wars against tough teams during the Attitude Era, including the Rock 'N' Sock Connection and the Acolytes. They won very important battles against established tag teams.

Now they’ll defend them against a hungry division that has little tag team title experience, something the Outlaws have in spades. Though they’re currently embroiled with the Brotherhood, they have other teams to worry about.

This lineup of potential matches includes The Usos, the Samoan team of Jimmy and Jay who have yet to taste gold. Their athletic, aerial style would provide a great challenge for the ground attack of James and Gunn.

The Real Americans would also bring an intriguing match. The technical wrestling and raw strength of Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger could overwhelm the Outlaws.

The Wyatt Family can also pose a problem if they go after the belts. Despite their lack of experience, the raw power of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan can give many teams more than headaches.

How can an aging duo help out an entire division, you ask? It’s simple: experience and notoriety.

The Outlaws’ experience outweighs that of all the aforementioned potential opponents. Their notoriety will bring that division and those teams to new heights. It’s not every day a team can say, “We beat the New Age Outlaws for the tag team titles.”

Granted, the Outlaws are not the best tag team in history. That’s not the question up for debate. The question is if Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg can step up their game in this division.

If their victory over Rhodes and Goldust is an indication, they should be able to step it up.

The New Outlaws will help this tag team division grow. They’ll elevate their opponents' stature in the division and frankly, whoever eventually defeats them for the titles will be remembered in WWE history.