Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust Should Not Happen at WrestleMania 30

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2014

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Cody Rhodes and Goldust have been riding high as WWE's most successful tag team since last year.  The sons of Dusty Rhodes came together following Cody's firing by Triple H and subsequent attacks on their family from The Authority.  

But now that they have lost the WWE tag team championships, the future of The Brotherhood is uncertain.  Some fans are already fully expecting the brothers to part ways and then face off at the company's biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 30.  But that is not what should happen.

It may not be the popular opinion, but the truth is that wrestling each other basically has no point, no reason to happen in the first place.  The reunion of Cody and Dustin Rhodes was a moment that fans loved, a moment that directly translated to their new tag team and to their eventual run as WWE tag team champions.

The Brotherhood worked every tag team in WWE.  From The Real Americans to The Wyatt Family to The Shield, the Rhodes brothers took on every challenge and did so in one top-notch tag match after another.  In fact, they led what could be considered a new tag team renaissancea new era for high-paced and action-packed tag matches that could main event any card.

Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger
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Cody and Dustin became part of the workhorse breed of WWE.  Along with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Shield, the Rhodes brothers were part of the backbone of so many events, as they consistently delivered one five-star performance after another.

And the fans immediately responded to them.  Cody was seen as a Superstar who was finally being given his opportunity to shine in WWE.  Following a split with Damien Sandow that saw the youngest Rhodes son turn babyface, the timing seemed right for Cody to begin advancing up the ladder in the company.

However, that advancement did not come until he and older brother Dustin formed their tag team and began working main event-caliber matches.  Now, Cody Rhodes is seen in a new light as a man who has finally found a nice niche for success in WWE.

Goldust is a Superstar who has seemingly found the fountain of youth.  The 26-year veteran, in fact, looks like a 26-year-old again, as he has more than carried his share of the load in The Brotherhood.

Goldust at the Royal Rumble

His ring work is on par with any other Superstar he and his brother has faced, and for fans, this is more than just a nostalgia act.  Goldust is the real deal and has far surpassed any expectations from the WWE faithful who perhaps were already anticipating big things from him.

The brother dynamic of the tag team has done nothing but work in their favor as well.  Their alliance is a great way to pay homage to their father without anyone on WWE programming even mentioning the link to The American Dream all that often.  The Brotherhood works in large part because of the history that is there for both men individually and the history that exists between them as the sons of Dusty Rhodes.

The Rhodes brothers are a great example of what happens when hard work and a desire to deliver the best meets the absolute perfect circumstances.  They are the right tag team at the right time.

But despite all their success and despite all the ground they've covered, it's all just background noise for some WWE fans.  For them, this pairing has existed from the very beginning for the express purpose of one brother turning on the other for a WrestleMania showdown.

While this sounds like a very intriguing idea and both men would undoubtedly put on a good match, the issue of whether or not it's even necessary is still up for debate.  After all, the brothers have been a unit since October of 2013 and have shown no real outward signs of any stress or tension.

This is also true of their recent loss to The New Age Outlaws at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.  Their three-month title reign was dashed in one night, thanks to a team that last won the tag titles 14 years ago.  And what happened after that loss?  Did one vent his frustrations on the other?  Did they come to blows, furious over having lost the belts to Triple H's old Degeneration-X running buddies?

The New Age Outlaws win the WWE tag titles
The New Age Outlaws win the WWE tag titlesphoto by

The answer is no.  None of that happened.  The fact is that the next night on Raw saw The Brotherhood get their rematch with the Outlaws in a bout that could have gone either way.  From a storyline perspective, Cody and Goldust could have won the championships had it not been for Brock Lesnar's interference.

Did that interference lead to The Brotherhood's meltdown on Monday?  No, it did not.

The truth is that anything can happen.  There is plenty of time before WrestleMania goes down in April, and in that time, an angle can be worked up that would see either Goldust or Cody decide he's had enough and crave the singles spotlight once again.

Both Cody and Goldust are very good at what they do; they can provide a memorable match at 'Mania.

But at this point, there seems to be no point in it.  It seems to be a popular idea merely because of the novelty of it, but for fans that desire a plausible backstory, it perhaps falls a bit short.  The Shield could not break them.  The Authority could not break them.  They withstood every challenge placed in front of them and did not waver.

Why would they now fall apart with just one loss to a team handpicked by the company's heel authority figure?

Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust may be the dream match that some fans want, but for others it could be seen as an unnecessary bit of booking.  Without the proper setup, this match could be lost in the shuffle among other main event attractions that WrestleMania 30 is sure to bring.