New Crew Chief, New Junior?

Meegan SweeneyContributor IJune 6, 2009

Now that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has a new crew chief, will this be the factor that will lead to a win? With McGrew's record with Brian Vickers, it seems that way, but in this fan's opinion, anyone who isn't Tony Eury, Jr., is a plus. Yes, I am the objective Dale Jr fan. When things don't work with one crew chief, it's time to say goodbye. If no wins are produced, then that's adios, too. 

In this sport, as in baseball or football, it's all about the wins, it's all about who contributes to those wins. I can't see a future for the 88 team, if there aren't any. I'm sure that's the case of Rick Hendrick, as well, even though he has a long relationship with the Earnhardt/Gee families. That's what is hard for Junior to accept: working with family, does not necessarily mean harmony. If you get someone objective, if you get someone who doesn't know you, you might get some wins. 

As we go into Pocono, we'll see what this triangle-shaped track has to throw at the duo...and the 88 crew as a whole. It's very tricky on that tunnel turn, as well as any other factors that may come up, with tires and such. Hopefully, the self esteem boost that Earnhardt seemed to get a hold of in Dover, continues into the chase for the Cup.