6 Biggest Storylines to Follow for Road to WrestleMania

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6 Biggest Storylines to Follow for Road to WrestleMania

WrestleMania is the grandest stage in all of professional wrestling.

The pomp and circumstance that surrounds it has made it a must-see event, and as the Showcase of the Immortals enters its 30th year of existence, there are no signs of that changing. The glitz, glamour and grandeur bring a uniqueness and importance to the show that makes it feel different from every other event on WWE's calendar.

For all of the lights, cameras, celebrities and pyrotechnics, however, the quality of WrestleMania will always be judged on the in-ring action delivered by the talented men and women that set foot inside the squared circle on that magical night.

The best and most memorable matches in WrestleMania history typically are backed by strong stories that have built to a climax over a period of weeks, months and, in some instances, years.

The Hulk Hogan-Randy Savage main event from WrestleMania V, billed as "the Mega Powers Explode," was a year in the making. The epic Bret Hart-Steve Austin Submission match from WrestleMania XIII was the culmination of a rivalry dating back to six months earlier. And The Rock's war with Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIX was the third in a long, arduous trilogy that began four years earlier.

While today's wrestling world is not suited to overly lengthy stories, the stories behind this year's marquee matches will go a long way in determining how they are viewed by future generations.

Behind every iconic bout is a great story that captures the imagination of the fans.

Here are the six stories to watch on the road to WrestleMania XXX.

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