Amateur Football Coach Makes Novel Suggestion: Let's Win

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Amateur Football Coach Makes Novel Suggestion: Let's Win
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Many coaches have graced the football world with their tactical wisdom, managerial abilities, and strong character.

In light of the endless nature of the "best coach ever" debate, let's focus on a specific coach. He's a man who once trained me. 

I was once a member of a football team in Lebanon, and the team coach was a former international footballer. He simply wasn't the man for the job. Why?

I remember we used to run around the pitch for fitness as he flirted with single ladies, forgetting us for a good amount of time. We would run until he turned his back and realized that we were almost finished. He'd whistle and start another type of training.

In the meantime, he would go back to the lady and talk about his "career," proudly speaking about his professionalism and coaching abilities.

But he saved his funniest habit for just before we played a game. When he approached us, I'd think: "He's finally coming to discuss tactics?"

He'd say (translated from Arabic): "Guys, everyone likes to win! You want to win and I do too! Let's win!" Then he'd pick the team.

Well, let's look at the bright side: It might be a little bit of a motivational scheme.

We were an unbeatable team. Not being professionals, we were not in the national junior league back then. However, we beat the champions by four goals!

We play well, and he gets the praise!

I was once on the bench as the team was playing. So a man approaches and tells him: "Great job, coach! They're excellent! You just need to work a little bit more with them and they'll be champions one day! The credit goes to you!"

So it seems we just don't know what makes a good manager. Maybe he's a genius. It's a shame we couldn't see it back then!

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