Randy Orton vs. Batista: Tracing Road to Wrestlemania for Projected Main Event

Tim KeeneyContributor IJanuary 27, 2014

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Raise your hand if you're happy with how Sunday night's Royal Rumble played out. 

Put your hand down, Batista. 

Less than a week after making his anticipated return, The Animal entered the 30-man battle royale at No. 28 and proceeded to knock out Alberto Del Rio, Ryback and Erick Rowan before finally eliminating Roman Reigns, who set a Rumble record with 12 eliminations himself, to grab the crucial victory. 

The Road to a special WrestleMania XXX begins, and as the pay-per-view's Twitter feed confirmed what we already knew, Batista's win on Sunday night reserves him a spot in the main event at the biggest night of the year:

As to who will face him on April 6, 2014, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, it will presumably be WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

The Apex Predator, with a little help from the Wyatt Family, defeated John Cena on Sunday night to retain his title. Moreover, the groundwork that the company began laying on Monday night only strengthens the idea that a feud between Orton and Batista is on the way:

Whether or not that feud makes it to April is unknown, but that seems to be the consensus belief right now. And to put it simply, people aren't happy. 

WWE legend Mick Foley summed it up best:

This, of course, brings us to Daniel Bryan. Before the Rumble, Foley had this to say about the most overrated star in the business, via his Facebook account:

There is another added dimension to this year's Rumble as well. In no other year that I can remember has there been such a groundswell of good-will towards one particular participant. I still have that brick - that nice, new, red brick - I purchased just for the Rumble (it's right here beside me) and if DANIEL BRYAN doesn't win this Rumble, I'm going to take that nice, new, red brick...and throw it through my television set.

Unfortunately for Foley's TV, things didn't quite go the way most were expecting. Bryan, who cleanly lost to Bray Wyatt in a wonderful match earlier in the night, didn't appear in the Rumble. When Rey Mysterio—poor Rey Mysterio—came out as entrant No. 30, the Pittsburgh crowd erupted in a chorus of boos and chants for Bryan. 

And why wouldn't they?

The Flying Goat puts on a thrilling show every time he steps in between the ropes, he has been extremely over for months, he works his tail off and everyone—perhaps with the exception of Vince McMahon—can see his talent. 

He deserves his moment at WrestleMania. 

After the match, he took to Twitter to explain why he wasn't in the Rumble:

So, here's where we're at. Currently, the projected main event at WrestleMania is Orton vs. Batista. Some will be on board for that, but outside of Orton and Batista fans, it's an underwhelming matchup. 

You'd think the WWE would be silly to disrespect a large portion of its fanbase and actually go through with that, but it became clear on Sunday night that the WWE has turned heel. 

Are we going to get a face turn from the maligned company? Will Bryan take Orton's belt at Elimination Chamber or earlier? Will Orton vs. Batista turn into a Triple-Threat Match at 'Mania? Will there be some other type of swerve—perhaps something with Wyatt or Reigns—to inject some excitement into the WWE universe? 

Or will we be left with an underwhelming battle during the biggest match of the year?