Anthony Davis Shows Off Freakish Length with Massive Dunk on Glen Davis

Jim CavanContributor IJanuary 26, 2014


On a night when music's biggest stars are yucking it up at the Grammys, Anthony Davis wants you all to know what his favorite music sounds like: fast, violent and devastating. 

Oh my Lorde! (See what I did there?)

If you thought you were getting away with just two Grammy references, you were wrong. Take it away, Zach Lowe!

I'm not sure that's an actual Grammy category, Zach.

Seriously though, we're pretty sure Davis won't be Macklemore.

Get it? Like "back for more," except Mack...I'm sorry.

Couple of observations here:

1) That's a 6'11" guy exhibiting the hangtime of David Thompson.

2) That was quite the Daft Dunk.

Third time's a charm.

Let's go watch the video again.