Juventus Name Ciro Ferrara Manager: The Right Man for the Present and Future

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IJune 6, 2009

Ciro Ferrara wanted the full-time managing job at Juventus, he lobbied for following the season, and now he has be chosen to be the man to head the Juve sideline.

After two games leading the Old Lady as the caretaker coach, Ferrara brought a new attitude to the Juve bench, the same one that he had in his 307 appearances in the black and white of Juventus.

It is never easy to fully judge a coach after just two games, especially one that is embarking on his first one at the helm like Ferrara is, but there were few things to complain about in Juve's two wins to finish the season against Siena and Lazio.

After his debut against Siena, Ferrara called the team's effort absolute perfection. The effort the team put in was one of the best seen all year. Forget the opponent, this was a game for Ferrara to prove he belonged and the team steamrolled their Tuscan opponents.

Not bad after just a week in charge.

It didn't end there, and the team again dominated in the season and career finale for Pavel Nedved against Lazio. It showed that Ferrara's debut was no fluke, and that he can put his own stamp on a team after just 15 days at the helm.

Now he has the full-time gig and in his first day on the job, he made it be known that the best was still to come.

If he can shape and form a team into his own after just two weeks, can he do it the entire season?

Only time will tell, but the two-game glimpse we got last month is something to be optimistic about.

He says he wants to play an attacking style of football, something that should be a pleasant change from Claudio Ranieri being happy with draws against mid-table teams.

With Juventus bringing in midfielder Diego onboard from Werder Bremen, Ferrara has shown no hesitation to say that he will change Juve's default formation to a 4-3-1-2, but it can change depending on the circumstances.

Ranieri almost never went away from his beloved 4-4-2, and now Ferrara is saying he will do whatever is necessary to win.

Again, it's a welcome change, and one that can see players who Ranieri didn't prefer step into the limelight.

Before Ferrara took the caretaker job with two games to go, he was the director of the Juventus youth sector. He worked with players a few years ago that have now graduated to the senior team. Sebastian Giovinco, Claudio Marchisio, and Paolo De Ceglie won't be forgotten men like they were at times when Ranieri was on the sidelines last season.

But it's not just the young players that Ferrara will be able to connect with immediately.

Having retired just four years ago, Ferrara played with the players on the roster that makes up Juve's Old Guard. There's a respect level between both player and coach, and because these champions have given so much to the club, staying with the club in Serie B, they deserve somebody they can trust as they again try to capture their former glory.

It was evident that the Old Guard lost faith in Ranieri over the course of the seven games Juve went winless last season. But when Ferrara took charge, they were reborn and it was incredibly difficult to wipe the smiles of their faces.

Because he is a former Juve defender, the 42-year-old Ferrara knows the environment in Turin, expectations that come with Juventus, and the pressure that may be on him to succeed really isn't a surprise.

"There is not fear but the knowledge that it is great job but which carries a lot of weight. I feel ready to embark on this adventure. The risks exist but they help you grow and improve."

These are the kind of words you want a coach to say, and it seems like there is plenty more from where that came from. When Ferrara speaks, you just can't help but get the feeling that he will actually come through with what he just told moments ago.

Juventus fans are smiling again, Ciro. You've gotten your dream job and now it's time to show everybody that you belong.


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