Chris Jericho: Can Anyone Shut Him Up?

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 6, 2009

Week after week, it's the same thing. Chris Jericho comes out to the ring, complaining, whining, disrespecting the fans, demeaning his peers, and he seems to think that, since he's on Smackdown, that makes it his show.

Jericho throws around big words that I think half of the world hasn't ever heard of before. Maybe he reads the dictionary before he comes out. He is very disrespectful to everyone he lays eyes on.

Alright, I give him credit for holding the Intercontinental championship a total of eight times, more than any other wrestler has held it. That's a feat in itself. He does do what he says he's going to do.

Jericho is one of the top wrestlers there is today, but stop that whining and thinking you're better than everyone else. Like R-Truth said, "Jericho is the biggest hypocrite that he's ever seen."

If it wasn't for the fans, he wouldn't be where he is. To him, the fans are maggots, parasites, hypocrites and anything else he can lay his tongue to. Its a shame that a person with his talent has to be such a big jackass.

It just gets boring when he comes out every week, saying the same thing. It gets dreadful. The fans want to see action not hear someone standing in the ring and just yapping about a bunch of nothing.

He needs to have his jaw wired shut so he can't rant and rave all the time, but, knowing Jericho, he'll find a way to talk even then. Looks like the fans either have to put up with it or change the channel while he's on.

Hey, Rey, when you two meet in the ring at Extreme Rules, please tie Jericho's tongue in a knot. It would be appreciated!