High Schooler Who Hit 3/4-Court Shot Dedicated Game to Late Friend

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 26, 2014

via CBS News

Bishop McGuinness' Spencer Wilson made a name for himself after he recently hit a three-quarters-court shot to beat archrival Mount Airy. As it turns out, there is a lot more to the story.

This shot meant more than just a victory in a basketball game, according to CBS News' Steve Hartman:

Bishop McGuinness (Kernersville, N.C.) coach Josh Thompson decided to have each of his players dedicate a game to someone and write it on a basketball with a Sharpie. It could be anyone they wanted.

via CBS News

For Wilson, he picked someone with whom he shared a special bond. He chose to dedicate the game to his friend, Josh Rominger.

The two boys were friends and battled through life, and cancer, together. Wilson beat his, but Rominger passed away nine months ago.

Wilson took the time to write a letter to Rominger's mom, Denna, to explain to her why he chose to dedicate the game to her son. Per Hartman:

"His joy illuminated the room, and it was always apparent to me that he was special," Spencer wrote. "Just wanted to let you know the impact your son has on my life still to this day. I will never forget him. Play for Josh."

His letter certainly showed just how close the two boys were.

"I read it and cried," Denna Rominger said. "They just had that bond. Nobody else knew how Josh felt except for Spencer." 

Not only was Josh on Wilson's mind before the game, but the junior found a way to make his friend part of the game.

"During timeouts, when we touched the ball, I found where I wrote 'Josh,' and I looked for that," Spencer said. "Put my hand on it every single time."

When Wilson got the rebound and heaved a miracle shot in the final seconds of the game, he had some help from a friend.

One great shot turned into an inspirational story, thanks to a basketball and a gold Sharpie.