Diego Maradona Hits out at Pele over Honorary Ballon D'Or

Ryan Tolmich@@R_TolmichCorrespondent IIJanuary 26, 2014

Maradona was less than thrilled over Pele's recent award.
Maradona was less than thrilled over Pele's recent award.Michael Probst/Associated Press

When it comes to footballing legends, few are as renowned as Pele and Diego Maradona. 

Pele, the famous Brazilian, is remembered by even the most casual fan, as his career goalscoring total and international heroics are the stuff of legends.

On the other hand, Maradona has long been Pele's biggest competitor when it comes to determining the greatest of all time, as the Argentine was so good, even God would intervene in his favor.

However, the pair treat their off-the-field relationship much like the balls they became so famous for striking, as the two heroes are never afraid to have a kick at one another.

When Pele says Brazil, Maradona says Argentina. When Maradona says Messi, Pele comes back with Neymar. When Pele zigs, Maradona does his best to zag.

Most importantly, however, is that when Pele says Pele, Maradona is never too far behind to reply with Maradona.

With Pele receiving an honorary Ballon d'Or last week, fans knew Maradona comments couldn't be far behind.

According to ESPN, Maradona once again took his chance to have a go at Pele, as he labeled the decision a "huge mistake":

According to me, Pele will always remain second best in football when compared to Maradona. Look at it this way, in his own country, Brazil, Pele is the second best sportsman after Ayrton Senna (the former F1 driver). Pele will always be second, be it in international football or in Brazilian sports. The sad thing is that he is second best and he will continue to stay in that position. While presenting the award (this year’s Ballon d’Or) to Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele uttered his name as ‘Cristiano Leonardo’. This just shows where he belongs. I am happy with what I am doing for football and for myself. I am content living in a home in Dubai, but Pele lives in FIFA.

So begins another chapter in the almighty Pele-Maradona feud. While rivalries that result in trash talking are never good, these two have done enough on the pitch to solidify their place in the minds of supporters. Fortunately, Pele and Maradona will long be remembered for their footballing prowess rather than their off-the-field one-upping.


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