Report: Two Rumored Surprise Entrants for Royal Rumble?

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2014

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As of Friday's SmackDown taping—the final show before the 2014 Royal Rumble—there are still only 20 confirmed entrants for the marquee Rumble match.

That obviously opens up the possibility of some huge surprises and comebacks during the Rumble—although 10 slots does seem like a pretty large amount, leaving some of the current roster devoid of a Rumble spot.

Well, per Marc Middleton over at (via F4WOnline), we could well know who two of the shock entrants may be:

There has been talk of bringing in 2 Cold Scorpio as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant this Sunday. The idea would be that there's an ECW tie-in since original ECW TV and pay-per-views will be on the Network. Another name rumored within WWE is Jimmy Wang Yang, who teased it on Twitter.

Whilst the return of the likes of Chris Jericho and Sheamus would certainly be a surprise, they wouldn't be on the level of people like Jimmy Wang Yang returning.

James Yun hasn't been active in the WWE since April of 2010, when he was released by the company following a second spell with the promotion.

Neither of his spells with the company was exactly what you would call successful, with him perhaps most famous as the henchman of Tajiri back in the early 2000s. Despite that, he is still only 32 and will likely be in excellent shape, having wrestled on the independent circuit since his release from the WWE in 2010.

As Middleton mentioned, Yun has been teasing on Twitter a potential entrance in the Rumble, telling people he will reveal his favorite number on Sunday—the same night as the Royal Rumble, of course.

The return of 2 Cold Scorpio—or Flash Funk as WWE fans will remember him as—would also be a pretty big surprise. He has wrestled with the company on two occasions before, but is perhaps most famous for his time with the ECW brand, with whom he wrestled between 1994 and 1996.

He was a four-time ECW World Television Champion and a tag champion with The Sandman on a solitary occasion.

If Scorpio and Yun both return at the Royal Rumble, it would likely be two of the most surprising returns in Royal Rumble history. Would they draw a reaction from the crowd? We may find out Sunday.

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