B/R Turns Into The WWE Recap and Review: New Champs Make New Believers

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IJune 6, 2009

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Welcome to R&R! I am sorry about the delay, but I had a lot going on last week.

Recap and Review is simply backtracking and criticizing the series B/R Turns Into The WWE. I will analyze all three shows and point out what I don't like, what I can enjoy, and things that standout in the series, good and bad.

I will rate each segment and match using the fan sign rating.




[][]-Needs Work


<-Means a good comment will follow.

>-A bad comment follow.

*-Nothing really good or bad to say, mainly a question.

This whole article is out of character. I wouldn't want anybody to think I am biased because I'm a superstar on Smackdown. Let us begin, shall we?



A Packaged Deal

RAW opened up with a contract signing between World Heavyweight Champion Joe Burgett and Jason Le Blanc. This is a great way to start out the show, because the rivalry between these two is a very popular one; mainly because JLB owns Joe in every single comment thread.

The two engage in a war of words that JLB dominates throughout the signing. After both men sign, they compare each other to other superstars. Both men make good comparison; Joe being compared to Shane and JLB compared to Ryan Michael.

In the end, Shane comes out and he has heard enough from both men. After some threatening words, Shane Packaged Piledrivers Joe to the mat.

< I love this rivalry. It is by far my favorite. JLB just massacres Joe during threads, but Joe can hold his own weight.



A Prince Gets His Crown

A 10 man battle royal took place once the show was back on. It featured tag champs Jason Savage and Ste Eccles, IC champ Chris Browne, The Uprising (Sulayman, Ben Sampson, and Giorgi Dolidze), Ben Sampson, Terrell Johnson, Shreyash Dugar, and Paul Andriuskevicius.

Although this was a random placed battle royal, the winner won a special prize.

Order of Elimination: Jason, Ste, Chris, Paul, Dugar, Ben, Giorgi, Terrell, Adam.

The match ends with Testa hitting his finisher, but Uprising comes out and helps their leader win by eliminating Adam.

Sulayman is the winner, therefore he wins a special prize. GM Svyato comes out following World Champ Burgett. They award Sulayman with the RAW championship.

Then Rovenchuk names the number one contender for the RAW title Ryan Michael, and they will have a match at Extreme Rules.

Match Rating-[][][]

>WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS TITLE????? When Celeste was GM of ECW, and made new tag belts, I hated the idea. Why not un-unify the titles and give each brand tag champs. Smackdown brought back the Cruiserweight title, and ECW brought back the Hardcore title. But they did not create one.

So why did you make the RAW championship? I don't understand why. Maybe bring back the European title, or TV titles from WCW or ECW. I am not feeling this random belt at all. But that is just me.

*So each brand has more than 3 matches for Extreme Rules? This makes 4 for RAW and ECW. I'm not sure where Smackdown is. Someone clarify for me please.


A Momentus Victory

The next match on RAW's card featured another one of my favorites on the show, Ryan Michael. He faced off against Connor Green.

The match was pretty one sided as Michael hit some impressive moves for the W against Green.

Match Rating-[] [] [

*The half sign is only because he had some nice moves.

*What is a Somersault Splash? 450 maybe?

>Even though the match was used to give Ryan momentum, it was too short for my liking. A lot these matches are short, but this one is the cherry on the sundae.

I have to give the writers for this series credit, it takes a long time to put together a match. But remember what takes you 10 minutes to write, takes the reads about 2 minutes to read.


Maybe Next Time

Fresh off of his victory against big named star Shane Howard, Capt. Charisma was set to face off against JLB, number one contender for the World Title.

In a good showing by both men, in-ring experience defeated hype as JLB picks up the win over CC with his finisher, The Lariat Of Death.

[] [] [] [

*Decent match, the right man won, in my opinion.


Ryan Michael is found backstage talking with GM Rovenchuk, and his match with Sulayman is an I Quit match.


And I Bet You Ain't See That Coming

Shae vs Joe in a table match. The Main Event. Shane is cocky as usual when he goes to war. The thought of Jen dropping him after having her back is in his head.

Just a brief intermission, but why the hell would be mad at a guy for sticking up for you? That is straight up dumb.

Anyway. These two had some good spots in this match. But then the lights go out. (Shocker) They come back on and Joe has been put through a table by some random masked guy.

The show ends with this masked character telling Joe he has been hacked by The Hacker.

>This goes both ways. I SEE TOO MANY COPYCATS. Ok so Masque of Red Death is on Smackdown, and he was the ? guy for a while. Come on now, we just seen this for the last month? This Hacker guy better have some good tricks up his sleeve because really, I am so unimpressed right now.

And don't think Smackdown is all innocent, either. I do remember Ryan Michael becoming the number one contender last month by winning a 5 man elimination battle royal. But last week, Kevin Canny won a same exact 5 man battle royal, only 2 of the participants were attacked.

I mean if ideas for number one contenders are scarce, just find a kiss up or something. Have a tourney. Have your two top guys go at it. Hell, these match types aren't exclusive, but still at least like wait three months or something. Had to get that off my chest.

Match Rating-[] [] [

>Mediocre main event. Honestly, it was too short. The beginning was getting me into it, but then Joe started breaking Shane's leg. So is Shane like done for? Is he out for a couple months? And what's up with Burgett being in back-to-back gimmick matches, but Shane has an injured leg. When did Shane injure his leg??

>Another thing I do not like is the detail of a finisher. Ok, so When D-Von was a reverend on SD, he used a move called Saving Grace (Reverse DDT) Is this the same Saving Grace that Joe uses? And what is the Nosedive? HellRaiser? let me know on that one.


What saved this show was the 10-man battle royal and CC vs. JLB. Those were well written matches with just the right timing. I am intrigued on what Svyato is going to do with the women's division, as well as how long and who is the Hacker.

Show Rating- [] [] []

Match of the Night-JLB/Capt. Charisma

RAW Superstar of the Night-Sulayman

RAW Power Rankings

1. JLB-#1 Contender for World Title

2. Joe Burgett-World Heavyweight Champion

3. Sulayman "The Beast" - RAW Champion

4. Ryan Michael- #1 Contender for the RAW Title

5. Shane Howard

6. Ray Bogusz

7. Adam Testa

8. Chris Browne-Intercontinental Champion

9.Terrell Johnson

10.Ste & Jason-Unified Tag Champs

11.Capt. Charisma

12.Connor Green


A Well Known Target

ECW opens up with newcomer Kash heading down to the ring. He makes two announcements about the show. First, he announced that he will share a main event spot with Benjamin David, The Filipino Rocket.

Since Celeste went back to her normal life, someone He seems unfamiliar with this "Kash" guy. But Kash reassures him that he is coming for the gold. Both engage in a stare down as both men leave.

No Rating.

>This promo really didn't do anything for me. I mean, I didn't even know who Kash was. But hey, Celeste has big shoes to fill, so you have to give the kid a shot, right?


Whole Lotta Heart

The opening bout was a match between David Bowston and Scotty "Lil Noze" Miller. This match was the match of the night for me, and you can take it or leave it. It was a short, yet fast pace match with Scotty picking up the W.

<-I like the fact that you actually used music, weight, and where they are billed from. I like the realism, as Celeste always kept it real.

>-This match had the potential to be a main event, but it was short. If you only have an hour, use it to your advantage.

*If you're in a sharpshooter, how are you able to hit your opponent with a chair?

Match Rating-[][]


Hi, My Name Is Who? My Name Is What? My Name Is Ticka Ticka ...."Kash?"

After the match, Wyatt or "Kash" is digging his new office. Mike again bursts his bubble. Mike is having a hard time understanding Kash, but he soon learns that before Kash aims for the ECW title, he wants to make sure he can get a hang of being the GM.

No Rating.

*I have nothing to say about the promos on ECW....They just dont, stick.


Showing Your Worth

The second match of the night was the ECW champ in action against Triple D Sumrall. As much as I like Anon, Triple D is another favorite of mine.

The match starts as quickly as it ends, with the champ winning. Had some spots, but its obvious that the champ was out to prove his new GM that the ECW title is staying where it is.

Match Rating [] [

>Too short. I really was not into it all. It may seem like I'm being tough, but when you are given a critic job, you have to be hardcore honest. And that is that.

*Just like I told Svy, you gotta have move detail. What is a B-Drop, or a Triple Jump Moonsault. Not all of us readers are up to par on what the moves are, so use this as a helpful hint.


Multitasking "Kash"

The final match of the night went to Kash and Ben David. The more and more I look at the match the better it sounds. It ties with the first one. These two went hardcore, and Benjamin gets the 3 count.

Match Rating [] [] [


Show Rating [] []

Match of the Night-Ben David/Kash

Wrestler of the Night-Kash. He became new GM and put on a decent showing in a match even though he lost. I have to give Ben David, Scotty and David an honorable mention.

Overall, the shoes still need to be filled. Maybe this will take some time, but when you start, you have to go big.

ECW Power Rankings

1.Mike Scanion-ECW Champ


3.Triple D

4.Tony Arnoldine




Flirting With Disaster

Smackdown started out with Strictly Business making their way down to the ring. Jay Rob grabs the mice and calls out Masque of Red Death to a match.

Red Death shoots back telling Jay Rob that all he wants his Andrea Claire. He also vows that toying with death will result in the demise of Strictly Business.

The lights then go out and Downfall is in the ring as Tim List, Dan Telek, and Jay Rob are all laid out in the ring, leaving Andrea Claire by herself.

Enraged by this, the lights go back off and Red Death is in the ring beating the crap out of Downfall. As they leave the ring, the only two figures left are Red Death and Andrea Claire.

Death looks to steal a kiss, but instead he gets a slap in the face. The lights go out again, and this time it is Josh Swell who is in the ring and hits Red Death with a chair.

Unphased, Red Death stands tall face to face with Swell. The Future then hits Masque again with the chair, staggering him. Swell then attempts an inverted DDT, Red Death escapes.

Rating- [] [] [] [

*Is Red Death like Undertaker or something? Is he a big guy, medium guy?

*This promo was a standard promo. I think it is a good way to start out the night.


Earning Some Respect

Back from the break, Daris Brown and Blue Chip are once again up against the team of Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes.

After a pretty short match, Daris low blows Jared and gets the victory.

Match Rating-[] [

>Just like on ECW, we see a repeat tag match. I like building rivalries, but there are way better ways to do them. I would like to say maybe Daris vs. Demetrus, seeing how they are buds in real life B/R.

Maybe even make Demetrus a mentor for Jared like Daris is for Chip. Overall, the match was too short and it is a re-run. Spice it up if your going to do the same match over and over again.


Messing with Downfall, will be your Downfall.

Sterling Eby is backstage with Dozer and Christi. He is getting ready mentally for his match against Josh Swell.

The group is talking about the antics of Red Death. Christi and Dozer make some good points, especially Dozer.

He shows his tough side by saying that they should not rely on Swell taking care of Red Death. Instead they should do it themselves, even if he has to do it alone.

Rating-[] [] [

>I'm kinda pissed that once again I don't get to see Jay Rob in competition, he is my favorite!


A Fearless Warrior

Josh Swell makes his way to the ring to engage in battle against the leader of Downfall, Sterling Eby. Sterling looked to prove himself against one of the SD top dogs.

But hoping could not seal a victory, as Swell defeats Eby with a desperation school boy.

Match Rating- [] [] []


Who Is The Better Back-Up?

The vacated US title was up for grabs as Dozer took on Dan Telek. This match showed some heart from both men, and some fast pace back and forth action.

In the end, with some help from Tim List, Dan Telek picked up the win and became the new United States Champion.

Match Rating [] [] []

>I think this match was too short though. It could have went longer. I also did not like the finish. Dan Telek had two finishers, but he ends the match with a sidewalk slam.

*> Whats wrong with short title reigns? I know a GM has the right to do as he pleases but some title reigns just need to be shorter than most. I think it is a good way to show that I guy can make a good character without the title just like he could with the title.


Legacy Continued

The contract signing for the WWE title was about to begin between Kevin Canny and AkD.

GM Rallo asks Kevin if a submission match was his final choice, and Kevin changes the match to a 45 minute Iron Man match, vowing to be greater than Bret Hart.

Although I liked this, the fans did not. They began to boo Kevin the more and more he talked.

AkD then intervened, saying he had two reasons as to why the he liked the idea of the Ironman match, 1: He wanted to be the longest-reigning champion ever, and 2: He wanted to shut up Canny.

Kevin had some more words, but they were cut short by DJ. He insisted that both men shook hands. Before they shook, Kevin signed the contract.

Right after the handshake, AkD was on the receiving end of a baseball slide. However, he got right back up and met Canny in the middle of the ring.

This concluded Smackdown.

Rating-[] []

>That ending was terrible. I was expecting either Canny not to shake his hand or beat the shit out of him and keep it moving, proving to the world that he has the right to be the number one contender.

Instead, we get a girly baseball slide that didn't do anything except piss AkD off. On top of that, AkD rushes back into the ring for....wait for it, wait for it......

NOTHING TO HAPPEN. Why not hit him back, or have Canny beat on him some more. I did not like that ending. Not one bit.


Show Rating-[][][

Two decent matches plus the rise of three stars couldn't balance out the way the show started and ended. This looked as if it was long enough for a segment of Superstars or ECW. If you have two hours, use that.


Match of the Show- United States Title Match

Superstar of the Show-Dan Telek

Promo of the Show-Kevin Canny surpassing Bret Hart

Smackdown Power Rankings

1. AkD-WWE Champion

2. Josh Swell

3. Ron Johnson

4. Kevin Canny-Number One Contender for WWE Title

5. Sterling Eby

6. Jay Rob

7. Masque Of Red Death

8. Dan Telek-United States Champion

9. Dozer

10.Tim List-Cruiserweight Champion

11. Daris Brown/Blue Chip

12. Jared Farver/Demetrius Stokes

Superstar and Champion of the Week-Sulayman

Sulayman seems to be on a roll. He is the new RAW champion, and has some serious momentum going into his match at ER against Ryan Michael. Let's see what RAW has in store for this young leader.


Rising Star of The Week-Dan Telek

Telek showed some skills and heart, earning him the US title. This Strictly Business madman looks good going into the TLC match.

"Where The Hell Were You" goes to Anon. He is my favorite extremist and is nowhere to be found.


What I Wanted To See:

-Jay Rob in Action.

-More out of ECW

-A better Smackdown Ending


Show Of The Week-RAW

Every show had its ups and downs, but what stuck out to me is a good main event and an undercard that went well with it. Even though this series is just starting, I still think we need to see a little bit more.

Kudos to all the writers because I know it is nerve-wracking trying to write good, lengthy matches. You just want to get the article out and see what people think. Nothing is wrong with that, but it is disappointing to see things get rushed.


Signing Out, I am Jay Rob!


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