Young Fan Writes Letter to Richard Sherman, Compares Him to 'Wreck-It Ralph'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 24, 2014

Since his postgame rant after the NFC Championship Game, sportswriters everywhere have been scrambling to pin the tail on the enigma that is Richard Sherman.

Everyone wants to be the mind who understands Sherman and can encapsulate the narrative of the love-hate storm surrounding the Seattle Seahawks cornerback. 

We continue mining the past and present to find the proper words for it all—the perfect analogy to explain the phenomenon of him—but it would appear a young NFL fan has figured out Sherman first. 

Written in pencil on a piece of lined paper, a young fan named Nikolas sent a letter to the cornerback comparing him to the misunderstood Disney movie character Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph.

Sherman tweeted out a picture of the letter on Thursday evening, saying he’s glad someone finally "gets" him.

In his letter, Nikolas writes that Sherman and Ralph are both good guys playing the character of the villain:

Richard Sherman reminds me of Wreck It Ralph because people think they are both bad [guys]...but they are both really [good] guys. They are both nice...and really smart. Richard [Sherman] is smart...he went to a good [school] and studies football...Wreck It Ralph is smart...he saved Sugar Rush [and] saved the day...Richard Sherman is nice...[he] visits sick kids and is nice to [them]...Ralph is nice to Venelope.

Nikolas summed up Sherman with a lesson he learned from the Disney film.

“Like they said in [Wreck-It] Ralph, just because [people] think you are a bad guy doesn’t mean you are a [bad guy]. I love Richard Sherman and Ralph.” 

You heard Nikolas—preconceptions and knee-jerk reactions can be misleading. And as the "bad guys" in Wreck-It Ralph saylabels don't count—it's what's inside your dead zombie heart that matters most.

I see a future in motivational speaking for this young man, or perhaps sportswriting. He’s yet to graduate from guided line paper, and his analogies are hitting harder than a number of industry professionals'.


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