Former Manchester United Boss Sir Alex Ferguson Becomes UEFA Coaching Ambassador

Michael WadeAnalyst IIIJanuary 24, 2014

Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down as Manchester United manager in May.
Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down as Manchester United manager in May.Michael Regan/Getty Images

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has accepted an invitation to become UEFA's coaching ambassador.

The news was confirmed by Rebecca Stephenson, a former ghostwriter for the Scot:

Sir Alex, 72, retired as United manager in May. In 26 years at the club, he won 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups and two Champions League trophies.

Following a meeting of UEFA's executive committee in Nyon, UEFA president Michel Platini announced that the former Manchester United boss will head an elite coaches forum that meets annually, as well as taking a role on a technical coaching panel.

Platini is quoted by BBC Sport:

Sir Alex will be chairman of the forum of elite coaches that meet every year.
He will also be a member of the technical study group of the Champions League and the European Championship.

The Scot was known as a figure that many other managers would turn to for advice, due to his longevity in the game and his extensive knowledge and experience.

He added: "It is an honour and a privilege to accept this role as ambassador for Uefa."

Since retiring, Sir Alex has released an autobiography and undertaken a speaking tour. He has also taken a position on United's board of directors and continues to attend United matches regularly, home and away.

David Moyes replaced Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.
David Moyes replaced Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.Clive Mason/Getty Images

Ferguson has been criticised in some quarters for his presence, with claims that he is amplifying the pressure on David Moyes. However, former assistant Carlos Queiroz doesn't believe that is the case.

Per the Daily Mail:

What do you expect? That Sir Alex Ferguson doesn't watch the games? That is pure, pure fantasy.

I hope that, given good health, he will be there for years and years to see the club he has been building for his entire life - the club he loves.

I'm sure all the coaches, the manager and players love to see him in the stands.

As reported by Greg Heffer in the Express, there have been some calls for Ferguson to return as United manager—or to at least aid his replacement, Moyes, in some capacity.

However, it appears that he is steadily building up a stream of work away from the club after making the transition to life after coaching.