NBA2K14 Custom Draft Class Update 1: Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid

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With no college basketball video game to import from, the only way NBA 2K14 gamers can customize a draft class is by creating one from scratch.

Gamers aren't given all the tools to totally authenticate each player, but it's better than nothing. Every year I create a draft class based on the top players in college basketball and internationally. This year is no different.

While NBA 2K14 on a next-generation console doesn't allow you to skew faces to make the perfect Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins, it's oddly fun trying to find the pre-rendered face that looks the most like the one you're recreating.

As far as the ratings go, you do have full reign over these all-important details. As you'll see from the video, Parker is the highest-rated thus far, but Kansas' Andrew Wiggins has the most potential. His Jayhawks' teammate Joel Embiid isn't far off.

In fact, in the second update to this draft class, he received a ratings boost based on his stellar performances since Big 12 play began. This is a work in progress, so stay tuned for updates until the entire draft class is completed.

This is a labor of love so to speak. So keep in mind, I'm an artist, so I'm sensitive about my work. There are three players done in this update and at least three more will be added to the next one.

This draft class is for PlayStation 4 users only. Sorry, Xbox One fans. The discrimination wasn't intentional. I just got my hands on a PS4 first, thus the copy of NBA 2K14 I play is on that system.

The PSN ID is Franchiseplay99 for those who are interested in monitoring my progress, and/or downloading the draft class once its completed.

Follow me. Sports vs. video games? I'll take both.

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