WWE WTF: Richard Sherman, Ryback and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 23, 2014

WTF is Richard Sherman doing cutting a WWE promo? What is CM Punk’s critique of the headline-grabbing star? Should the WWE Royal Rumble be placed on hijack alert because of Ric Flair?

Star Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made an even bigger name for himself after a memorable postgame promo following a Super Bowl-clinching victory. The Bart Scott-like promo has inevitably drawn comparisons to WWE, with multiple WWE Superstars tweeting about it. Included in that bunch is CM Punk, who believes “it wasn’t a good promo.”

Tough crowd.

On the heels of David Shoemaker’s interview with Jim Ross, where the legendary commentator basically admitted his forced retirement was a result of Ric Flair hijacking a SummerSlam panel, Flair has been announced as a participant in the Royal Rumble panel. WWE ought to have special precautions in case Flair has a hijacking encore.

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