Debate: Who's the Better Coach, John Fox or Pete Carroll?

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Debate: Who's the Better Coach, John Fox or Pete Carroll?
Elaine Thompson

Both Pete Carroll and John Fox have had excellent seasons after leading their respective teams to Super Bowl XLVIII. When comparing the two, who would you say is the better head coach? 


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How is Carroll fortunate to have a great team? Pete an John schineder single handly built that team from the ground up
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Carroll has managed to find some of the most talented players in the league in late rounds and has a team that is fiercely loyal to him and the team, ...
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When John Fox started in Denver , he turned them from a 4-12 team to a playoff team...wait for it... With Tim Tebow as a quarterback. I think that tak...
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Very uninformed comment. Boosters paid reggie bush... Adderall and weed aren't "juice" Very uninformed. Pete for coach of the year.
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My first question is this. Does Fox have to do as much as Carroll? Answer is no! With Manning and Manning's offense he really is a spectator on the si...
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