Debate: Who Is Your Favorite 1st-Round DL Prospect?

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Debate: Who Is Your Favorite 1st-Round DL Prospect?
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DL is a big need for Dallas this offseason.  Who is your favorite 1st-round prospect?


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Forget d line, let's draft a leader at qb. Let's get our own wilson, kap, guy from miami, luck, rg3, foles. You get the picture.
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1st round: Kony Ealy 2nd round: Cyril Richardson 3rd round: Mike Davis 4th round: Terrence Brooks that would be a good start for the draft this year
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1st round Kony EALY DE, 2nd round AARON DONALD DT, 3rd DANIEL MCCULLERS DT, 4th round JIMMY GAROPPOLO, 5th round TERRENCE BROOKS S, 6th round AARON CO...
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Cowboys drafted R. Maryland in 1st rd then went on to win superbowl, Arnold may be the piece that sparks this D ,get him Jerry!!!
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