Cleveland Browns Coaching Search Gets QB Jersey Treatment

Ken ChinSocial Media StaffJanuary 23, 2014

Twurk for Turk

Things aren't going so well for the Cleveland Browns franchise. They were the first team to fire their head coach and the last to hire a replacement.

Now the coaching search is becoming the source of jokes across the Internet. The latest being this coaching search polo shirt. It starts with Bill O'Brien and features the 'mystery candidate.' After countless interviews with multiple qualified candidates, the Browns have reportedly hired Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, who is conveniently the last name on the list.  

This was modeled off the infamous Browns' QB jersey, which listed all the starting quarterbacks of the last few years:



Let's hope Mike Pettine is the last name on the coaching search polo and the Browns have finally got the right man for the job.

Thanks to Twurk for Turk for the photo and Darren Rovell for the find.