Jason Kidd Says He Learned Soda Spill Coaching Trick from Gary Payton

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When in doubt, blame Gary Payton. 

It's a credo Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd lives by (though not really), and it's one that could work for you, too.

Didn't do your homework? Blame Payton. Ate so much chicken-fried meatloaf your pants don't fit? Put it on The Glove. That flatulent smell making its way throughout the party? Rumor is Payton denied it, so he must have supplied.

Intentionally spilled your soda all over a basketball court in hopes of earning an extra timeout? Payton's at fault.

That last one actually might be true. 

While sitting down for an interview with Payton on Fox Sports Live, Kidd was asked to describe "who" he really was. This came immediately after Payton joked about "raising" Kidd since he was a youngster, mind you. 

Kidd's response was naturally epic.

"Growing up, you're [Payton] the older brother, so I was respectful; you did all the talking," Kidd joked. "Things haven't changed. I listen, and I watch. And you the one who taught me all the tricks. You know, people want to talk about me spilling the drink, well, I got that from you."

There you have it.

The deliberate spill that cost Kidd $50,000 is on Payton. Here, Mark Cuban had us thinking it was the brainchild of former Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Del Harris, who did the same exact thing while with the Chicago Bulls:

Was Payton really the inspiration behind Kidd's soda spill? Was it Harris? Maybe the Kool-Aid Man after randomly busting through a wall?

Does it really matter? Not one bit.

All that matters is that it happened, and it was epic. And that Kidd could go down in history as the coach who sipped and spilled the most expensive carbonated beverage ever.

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