Enjoy This Video of a Ref Riding Derek Fisher Remixed to Ginuwine's 'Pony'

Do you want to ride on the back of Derek Fisher and chop it up with Do or Die? 

Or would you prefer to watch a referee work that bucking bronc to Ginuwine’s “Pony”? 

If you chose the latter, your twisted and beautiful dreams have been granted courtesy of Brian Floyd and Seth Rosenthal of SBNation (h/t John Ferensen of Next Impulse Sports), who gifted the Internet with a joyous moment of basketball set to ‘90s R&B goodness. 

A flurry of words come to mind when watching referee Mike Callahan stubbornly refuse to dismount Derek Fisher, the foremost among them being “yes” and “why?”

However, to ask too many questions would be to ruin the moment. It’s best to sit back, uncork a merlot and allow this occasion to breathe. 

GIF via NextImpulseSports

If Fisher was looking for someone who knows how to ride without falling off, I’d say he found that in Callahan, who refused to be bucked from the point guard’s back as he attempted to gain his feet.

The impromptu piggyback ride occurred after a jump-ball situation in the Thunder’s Wednesday night matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, according to Sean Highkin of For The Win. Fisher and Spurs point guard Patty Mills received technicals for excessive contact after multiple players ended up sprawled on the deck.

The scrum ended with the referee straddling Fisher, or as Trick Daddy might say, “Looking back at it, and making it jump like a jackrabbit.”

In terms of future use, I predict this move will be employed again in the NBA. Now that piggybacks have been proven a viable pacification technique, Joey Crawford is going to ride Tim Duncan halfway to El Paso the next chance he gets.


To the beat—jump, jump on the Derek.