Yankee Propaganda: Are The New York Yankees Evil ?

Joseph JoveContributor IJune 5, 2009

Funny how people react to certain things. Most people (baseball fans or not) just look at the Yankees and see a baseball franchise.

Others like myself, look at the Yankees as much more than just a baseball team, but as a part of my daily routine.

Then there are the one's that, unbelievable as it sounds, blame the Yankees for all that is wrong with the world. Believe me, I am trying to hold back the tears of uncontrollable laughter.

Who are these confused misguided individuals? And why do they blame the God awful Yankees baseball club for all the unfortunate events that happen in their own lives?

These people do not just root against the New York Yankee because they are in town, playing against their baseball team. Which would be perfectly normal, I mean, I often root viciously against other ball clubs that come to the Big Apple.

No....These people despise the Yankees for the most ridiculous reasons. They blame the Yankees for being successful. Also, they blame the Yankee 'win at all cost approach' as being unfair to the have nots.

The have nots being the lower market teams that struggle because of their low fan base. The Yankees practically subsidize these struggling franchises already with millions of dollars every year.

Does that sound familiar? One entity that has to reach into their own pocket, so another entity, who has made bad choices or has not been able to compete, can survive.

The Yankees represents 'The Man', and 'The Man', are the ones that control everything around us, from Uncle Sam to Walmart. 'The Man', is US Steel, 'The Man' is your boss at work or even Mom and Dad.

'The Man', has taken something away, or has not given some so called, entitlement, that these people feel they have deserved in their past.

'The Man' is the strict teacher at homeroom or the principle trying to keep order in his school.'The Man', is the police, who more times than not protect us from others, and even ourselves.

Who better to blame all of societies problems on, than, the successful New York Yankees. After all they spend more money than any other club, so they must be evil.

 I mean, 'all rich people' must be evil, am I right? Then how did they become wealthy? By being ambitious? No, By working really hard? No, By not wasting time complaining about the neighbors new car and finding away to afford one of their own? No.

These, mostly far left 'Che' Guevara' individuals, look at being successful as something one should apologise for.

I mean, the Yankees represent to me, all that made this noble nation great.

Any person or entity that strives to be the best and plays by the rules, should not be frowned upon.

The Yankees payroll, is probably helping the economy out more than that wasteful stimulus bill (crying).

These people are (in a less sense, of course) the same one's that rolled around in the grass (and smokin it too), makin love not war in the late sixties. Sounds truly romantic and poetic to me too, but eventually (hopefully) you grow up.

War,at times, is the only solution for a lasting peace. If you are appalled for what I have just written, then, explain how we would have otherwise defeated Hitler. By throwing sweet decedent kisses at him?

Anyway, those same people that passed the piece pipe, over forty years ago, are now 'The Man', for your information. I guess somewhere down the line they said to themselves " Time to get my act together....dude".

They stopped blaming the Yankees for the worlds problems and decided to really make a difference for themselves.

Those good people are the ones who.....spawned today's "I want to be like Mommy or Daddy when they were young" crowd. Except Mommy and Daddy, spewed love not hatred.

This is the year 2009 my confused friends. The Yankees (the rich, in case you have not figured it out yet) are not the reason for the economy's woes or that there is hunger in the world.

Corruption and indifference is mostly to blame. Remember, a poor man can be just as corrupt as a rich man, and visa versa, of course. 

My suggestion to you, is to wise up, Mommy and Daddy did.

My name is Joseph Jove, and class warfare is not the answer.