Kofi Kingston Will Relaunch WWE Career in Royal Rumble Match

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 23, 2014

Photo courtesy WWE.com

When it comes to the Royal Rumble, there are many men who have found the event to be something of a second home. The chaotic, extreme nature of the match means your guys who are more accustomed to wrestling with real panache find themselves in their element.

Guys like Rey Mysterio, for example, have certainly looked at home in the concept of the Royal Rumble match. The Rumble match can often provide a breeding ground for fresh starts in terms of a career—and we could see one such example of that this year.

The career of Kofi Kingston in the WWE is certainly a peculiar one. For instance, he has actually won a staggering 10 championships since he debuted back in 2008. Four reigns as the WWE intercontinental champion and three reigns as United States champion should really hold Kingston in some significance when it comes to the current roster.

However, the guy who is billed from Ghana has always struggled to break into the top level in the WWE. In fact, he's struggling to hold down a place in the middle of the card at the moment. Perhaps a breakthrough in his struggles was made a couple of weeks back on Raw, though.

Ironically, his first win of any significance in a while came against a guy from whom he drew his best rivalry in the company. Back in 2009, Kingston and Randy Orton were involved in a pretty enjoyable rivalry—and Kingston was knocking off Orton on a frequent basis. They had some brutal brawls and some excellent segments backstage.

There was one night in particular at Madison Square Garden, where Kingston made the save, leading to him and Orton having a massive brawl all over the Garden. The most notable thing about that night was the pop Kingston received, and it wasn't just a one-time thing. Kingston was legitimately over and was a guy people bought into.

Even though Kingston's win over Orton two weeks back on Raw was part of a bigger storyline involving Orton and John Cena, it is something the WWE can use to its advantage in terms of Kofi. He is only 32 and has plenty of years ahead of him in terms of a wrestling career.

Could the Royal Rumble be the moment where Kingston relaunches his WWE career? It certainly seems like the perfect opportunity for him to make his mark. After all, he has done so the past couple of years.

The previous two Royal Rumble matches have seen Kingston in some tremendous spots. There was his infamous handstand back in 2012, which was ridiculous enough. And then last year, he managed to end up on the announce table before somehow ending up in the ring via JBL's chair. The crowd went wild for Kingston on both occasions, chanting his name like it never had before.

Given the fact he knocked off the WWE World Heavyweight champion recently, creative now has a legitimate opportunity to thrust Kingston back into the spotlight. It also has the perfect pay-per-view show to do it in.

He may never be a main event guy, but he sure is a good guy for the WWE to have pretty high up on its roster. The 2014 Royal Rumble will hopefully see the rebirth of Kingston.