Hear NFL Stars Sing the National Anthem in the New MetLife Video

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 23, 2014

Did you know Justin Tuck can sing?

Most would answer “No,” but he and a host of other NFL players recently proved their pipes in a new video by MetLife promoting Super Bowl XLVIII.

Accompanied by Emmitt Smith, Josh Brown, Eddie George, Nick Mangold and Greg Jennings, Tuck and his supporting cast managed a surprisingly strong rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” 

You’d expect a group of current and former jocks to be as tone deaf as a washboard, but the men assembled for this rendition manage to do the national anthem justice.

Who was the most surprising of these athlete-singers? It’s difficult to say.

No one could’ve guessed Smith was a crooner, but the Hall of Fame running back carries the tune with soul. George also comes as a surprise, but it’s clear that the former Tennessee Titans running back was hiding a solid singing voice behind that gigantic mouthguard he loved so dearly. 

The most unexpected vocalist might’ve been Jennings—that is, if you never heard him sing his alma mater’s fight song. He’s not great but, hey, he gave it a go.

The top performer in this ditty might’ve been Brown. The New York Giants kicker soars during his segment of the song, hitting high notes most of us couldn’t manage without croaking and splintering our voices to pieces.

My personal “Hustle Award” goes to Mangold. The New York Jets center’s voice isn’t exactly a combination of Fergie and Jesus, but he does his best and certainly doesn’t soil the song.

This is just a taste of the welcome awaiting fans coming to MetLife Stadium this February. Hopefully we get more athletes singing, as it's something that will never fail to amuse. Perhaps a Rob Gronkowski karaoke night is in the cards? 

I'm just saying: Think about it, MetLife.


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