WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from January 22

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJanuary 22, 2014

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If the latest episode of WWE Main Event was compared to a WWE Superstar, it would be Jinder Mahal. Because it's a mid-week, pre-recorded show, it is improper to expect earth-shattering events to occur in the broadcast.

But even by those decreased and measured standards, this week's show was pretty uneventful. It was somewhat to be expected with one of the industry's biggest pay-per-view events coming up on Sunday. Main Event surely wouldn't be set up to steal any of the Royal Rumble's thunder.

Here are the results and a breakdown of the action from Grand Rapids, Mich.


  • R-Truth defeats Damien Sandow by pinfall.
  • The Bella Twins defeat Aksana and Alicia Fox by pinfall.
  • Alberto Del Rio defeats Sin Cara by submission via cross armbreaker.


The Good

Aksana is Getting a Push...Barely

Improvement in the ring and overall sex appeal is seemingly leading to a few opportunities for Aksana. She has the type of presence that gets you prepared to cover your kid's eyes the moment she appears on screen. 

It's a nice nervousness. 

All that said, she and Alicia Fox lost a tag-team match against the Bellas. The match took place after Aksana teased Brie about her engagement to Daniel Bryan. Fox had a partially funny moment when she joked about picking lice out of Brie's hair.

Aside from that, not much of note happened here. Aksana could find herself in a better position in the women's division, for whatever that's worth.

Just when we think the ladies are about to get a nudge as a group, the momentum seems to fade into obscurity.


The Bad

What is Happening With Damien Sandow?

The Intellectual Savior of the Masses is being played like the mouth-breathing miscreants he so awesomely insults. No matter how much he excels on the mic and in the ring as a technician and seller, he can't get a break.

On Main Event, Sandow lost to R-Truth in a fairly entertaining match.

Truth's newest sidekick, Xavier Woods, was on commentary. I'm not sure if it's an insult or a compliment that the last "person" to hold that position was an imaginary being.

Whatever gets you the call up from NXT, I guess.

Sandow deserves to be sitting higher on the WWE food chain, but he instead is an immense talent without direction. I think my colleague Ryan Dilbert was onto something with his article entitled Damien Sandow and the Struggles of a WWE Superstar Without a Strong Finisher.

Dilbert writes:

"WWE Superstars like Damien Sandow, who have forgettable, ineffective finishing moves, have to enter a knife fight armed with a No. 2 pencil."

Lately, Sandow is getting poked repeatedly by the decisions of the WWE creative team. When will it end?


The Strange

Alberto Del Rio Handles Sin Cara

Why is ADR being made to battle only the other Hispanic talent in the WWE these days? On Raw, he and Rey Mysterio clashed, and now on Main Event, ADR took on Sin Cara.

All three men are excellent talents, but it shows a lack of creativity to keep constructing feuds and factions based solely on race. The Fan's Podcast also seems a bit bored with this triangle.

I think Hispanic WWE fans would still watch ADR, Sin Cara and Mysterio if they weren't in feuds or teamed with one another 90 percent of the time. 

Just a thought.

The match itself was solid, and Del Rio partially removed Sin Cara's mask during the action. The move further exposed the worst-kept secret in sports entertainment. Ahem...(in my best Road Dogg voice), oh, you didn't know?

Sin Cara is Hunico.


Shots at the Commentating Team

The LuchaNerd takes a shot at the Miz for his seemingly harmless comment about winning the Royal Rumble.

My how the Miz has fallen since his run as the WWE champion. We may never see The Miz reach that level again. Know your role, I guess.


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