Athletes Who Ate Insane Amounts of Food

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Athletes Who Ate Insane Amounts of Food
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No, Larry! This is my pot pie!

I know you burn calories like a gastro wildfire, but get your own food. You athletes will eat a man out of house and home if given the chance.

Indeed, it's only fitting that professional athletes eat a lot of food. Paying the sweat tax is part of their livelihoods, and all those calories burned on the playing field must be replaced. 

Some athletes take their refueling process to the next level, however, eschewing dry chicken cutlets, tofu burgers and paleo garbage for mountains of fare smothered in sugar, carbs and delicious alcohol. 

The following athletes ate and drank to their hearts' content and kept going—and they'll tell you where you can shove your Lean Cuisines.  

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