Paralympian Alana Nichols Pulls Classic Paul Rudd 'Mac and Me' Prank on Conan

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 22, 2014

She is a three-time Paralympic gold medalist who managed to take the highest of honors in both the Winter and Summer Games, but Alana Nichols has another talent she managed to sneak by Conan O'Brien on Tuesday's Conan

We will go ahead and assume you threw caution to the wind and delved deep into the video above before ever reading here. 

With no worry of spoiling the big reveal, we will tell you that Nichols managed to pull off a flawless "Paul Rudd." That would be a classic trick really only ever relegated to the famous actor, who has been pulling off his shenanigans for years. 

He comes on to discuss his latest project with O'Brien. But instead of playing a clip from his latest movie, he shows a video from 1988's legendary tale of a boy and his alien, Mac and Me

Granted, legendary might be pushing it, but a clip from the movie now lives in infamy thanks to Rudd—and now Nichols. 

Actually, it might be best if you just watch a master at work: 

Nichols, who will be heading to Sochi to compete in the 2014 Paralympic Games, gave the impetus behind her prank. "I did that to you, Conan. I've been watching your show for years. Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors."

She continued with a smile, "And I am winning today."

We will go ahead and predict that this is hardly the last time we will see the clip from the obscure movie. We just aren't sure if Rudd will be the one introducing it next time. O'Brien now has to be ready for Mac and Me to appear from anywhere. 

Nichols, who has competed in basketball in the Beijing Summer Games and events like giant slalom and downhill in the Winter Paralympics, is coming back from a shoulder injury suffered while training last summer. 

The Denver Post's Jason Blevins has a report on the amazing and versatile athlete who will once again be one of the paralympians to beat this coming February. 

Just be careful when you interview her, because she just might subject you to some very campy 1980s nostalgia. 


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