Adrian Peterson Is Star NFL Players Would Most Love to See in Super Bowl

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Adrian Peterson Is Star NFL Players Would Most Love to See in Super Bowl
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The only thing missing from a Super Bowl that features No. 1 seeds facing one another for only the second time in 20 years is obvious—at least to a sizable amount of NFL players it is. We are missing out on a great deal of Adrian Peterson

They love him. They really love him. 

ESPN's Ben Goessling reports that NFL players were asked which player who has not yet featured in the Super Bowl they would most like to see in it. 

The answer was Peterson. 

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Well, you can poll people on pretty much anything nowadays, something ESPN does to prolific ends. ESPN’s NFL Nation Confidential offered this particular question, and the pollsters corralled a reported 320 NFL players who shall remain anonymous. 

In the end, their results came down to the following: 

  1. Adrian Peterson—18.4% 
  2. Tony Gonzalez—17.5%
  3. Calvin Johnson—8.1%
  4. Russell Wilson—4.7%
  5. Andre Johnson—4.4%
  6. Michael Vick—3.4%

And so you get a list of veterans liked and respected around the league. Save for a couple of very intriguing inclusions, there isn't anything terribly surprising about the results.

Of course, we can't simply gloss over those interesting inclusions. For one, we have Russell Wilson, a second-year player who will get his chance in the Super Bowl when the Seattle Seahawks take the field against the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2. 

Despite his relatively short time in the league, Wilson's inclusion on the list is a testament to just how well received he has been in the NFL by veterans. 

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The other is Vick, whose inclusion on a similar "fan" poll might be more shocking. Despite any legal issues he has had in his past, his colleagues are close to him. 

This isn't about those odd names peppered in, though, but rather the running back who would be right at home at the Super Bowl. 

Peterson, who received a reported 59 votes (88 players managed to get at least one vote), had this to say about the unexpected honor: "That's pretty cool. It feels good. I guess guys are able to see the passion that I play with, the desire I play with, and they respect it enough to make that type of statement."

He continued to simply say, "It says a lot, and it means a lot."

It goes without saying that many fans wouldn't mind seeing the running back with over 10,000 career rushing yards in the Super Bowl. 

But seeing how the Minnesota Vikings have fared—save 2012—for the past few seasons, that hope will have to rest next to other sports fantasies. 

Goessling did manage a few words from Peterson on the closest he came to the Super Bowl: the 2010 NFC Championship Game that went to the eventual champion New Orleans Saints.

Peterson states, "I don't think I watched [the Super Bowl that year]. We gave that one away. We gave a championship away. The NFC Championship Game was pretty much the Super Bowl that year."

Don't think all of this has him looking for the exit, because that just wouldn't be his style. "I try to stay in stride with what's going on, and play my cards as they're dealt to me." Peterson continued, "I've always said I would love to finish here, with the Vikings, so I'll just stick with that."

Now, if the Vikings could go ahead and make 2014 a success, it would be great. There is a good portion of fans and, it seems, NFL players who want to see Peterson with the rock in the Super Bowl. 

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