TNA Impact Wrestling: Genesis Preview, Rumors, News and More for January 23

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TNA’s two-part Genesis free-per-view spectacular kicked off during last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, and the show will culminate on Thursday, Jan. 23.

The first portion of the show featured title changes, major announcements and even a major shift to the schedule, and the result is an action-packed episode of Impact Wrestling this week that will live up to the pay-per-view moniker.

Not only is Sting going one-on-one against Magnus for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship—The Icon’s contract is also on the line—but the steel cage match between Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle was also rescheduled for this week.

Add in the battle for the No. 1 contender briefcase between Gunner and James Storm, as well as the X Division Championship match between Chris Sabin and Austin Aries, and this will be an action-packed episode.

Here is all the vital viewing information for Genesis: Part 2 and a full preview.

Where: Von Braun Center Arena, Huntsville, Ala.

When: Thursday, Jan. 23, 9 p.m. ET (Pre-taped)

Watch: Spike TV

Sting Puts His TNA Contract on the Line

Despite never being able to challenge for the TNA world title due to a loss at the hands of Bully Ray, Sting will once again get a shot at the championship after putting his contract with the company on the line in a battle with Magnus.

While the intention of this match should be to build to a long-term feud between Magnus and Sting that eventually costs the legend his career, TNA is moving at warp speed in this storyline for some reason.

Let the Sting to WWE speculation begin.

Question on Everybody’s Mind: Will Sting Beat Magnus?

TNA has made it public knowledge that Sting’s contract with the company is running out by weaving that information into the storyline.

But to do this angle properly, he should keep his contract at Genesis, while still failing to win the title. That would lead to a longer feud that would culminate in a big match where Sting officially leaves the company.

Instead, all signs point to Sting losing at Genesis via another convoluted finish and leaving TNA.

Booking Magnus to beat Sting and vanquish him from the company is the correct decision if The Icon must be written off television. If Magnus once again has to use help from the entire heel faction backing Dixie Carter, though, this will be a lackluster ending to a great run for Sting.

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Future Endeavors

It looks like a foregone conclusion that Sting is leaving TNA.

The speed at which this storyline has progressed naturally raises questions about what’s next for the 54-year-old superstar and why is it happening so fast.

Most wrestling fans are still intrigued by a possible Sting appearance in the WWE. The veteran would be a great addition to the company as WrestleMania 30 approaches, as well as the launch of the WWE Network that features tons of WCW footage.

Whether it’s fighting The Undertaker or just being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Sting signing with the WWE would be a great moment for all true wrestling fans. As much as the fans want this to happen, there is a chance that this is a ruse by TNA.

With a new investor joining the company, the possibility that it could be Sting putting up his own money to gain creative control as an on-screen character is very real. While I’d rather see Sting in WWE, there is a chance he is the focus of this latest storyline in TNA.

TNA Rumors: Sting Reportedly Talking to WWE, per Wrestling Observer Newsletter via Wrestling Inc.

Genesis Explodes

The main event is sure to be the world title match, but the focus for many wrestling fans has also been on the supporting card for the second part of Genesis. The most intriguing of those undercard bouts is the steel cage match between Angle and Roode.

Angle has been trying to get another chance to beat Roode since he lost several matches in a row to his long-time foe. There was a time that the former Olympic gold medalist doubted that he could beat Roode, but Angle has oozed confidence over the last month.

This looked to be building to an Angle heel turn, but with his Hall of Fame induction on the line and the status of top faces like AJ Styles, Sting and Jeff Hardy in limbo, TNA must push him as a face and give him this much-needed victory.

Question on Everybody’s Mind: Will Gunner or Storm Walk out with the Briefcase?

Another match on the undercard is the battle between former tag team champions and friends Gunner and James Storm. After slow-playing the breakup of the tag team, Gunner eventually ensured the end of the friendship by screwing Storm out of a Feast or Fired briefcase that contained a guaranteed world title shot.

Now the two men go to war with the briefcase on the line.

As much as this whole storyline has elevated Gunner to the next tier in the company, Storm is more than deserving of the title shot.

Magnus will need a top face to square off against once TNA goes to England, and there are few that can instantly fill the role as well as Storm. Gunner will get his time to shine eventually, but Storm should win the briefcase and challenge the champion.

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Excellent Cards on Paper

Despite discussing three PPV-worthy matches already, there is also an X Division Championship bout between Chris Sabin and Austin Aries that will feature Velvet Sky locked inside a cage at ringside.

This should be the most entertaining in-ring showcase of the night, and with the current storyline projection and these two men exchanging the titles at almost every recent taping, Aries should take home the title once again.

A-Double must walk out with Velvet Sky as well.

As great as Genesis: Part 2 looks on paper, the execution of a show of this magnitude must be near perfect in order to satisfy the hardcore and casual fans alike, while still making a normal episode of Impact Wrestling feel like a free PPV.

TNA Rumors: Latest Contract Details for Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, per via Wrestling Inc.

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