Fedor Emelianenko Wants a One-Fight Deal with UFC

Bobby The BrainCorrespondent IJune 5, 2009

From the LA Times blog:

"Joost Raimond, the operations manager of Emelianenko's global promotion company M-1, invited the winner of the July 11 UFC heavyweight championship fight between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir to attend the Emelianenko-Barnett bout, and pushed for the UFC to allow Emelianenko to fight that man as part of a one-fight contract on a card that could be fully promoted by UFC."

Well, I can guarantee you that the UFC and company have zero interest in signing Fedor to a one-fight deal, especially with their Heavyweight title on the line. I can see UFC pitting Fedor against Brock, should Brock lose to Mir, in a one-fight deal that did not involve their title.

This is just super fishy to me that someone who goes around with his management team claiming to be the best in world would find every other way to not sign a deal with UFC.

Guys, I get it. He wants to do Sambo in Russia; he wants to have more freedom. Fine! But UFC will not allow that, so either accept that and shut up about wanting to fight in UFC, or take a year off from the Sambo tournaments and New Year's in Japan fights and prove yourself in the UFC.

Fedor supporters, I am awaiting your backlash.