Map Shows Where College Basketball Teams Recruit Players

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2014

via Benn Stancil of Mode Analytics

College basketball coaches know where to look for recruits.

Instead of looking all over the country for the best players, coaches are aware of the best states to recruit in. Fans may not know where all of the players come from, but luckily someone took the time to compile data in order to make an in-depth map to display the information.

Benn Stancil of Mode, an analytics company, put together a map to break down where college basketball recruits are from:

via Benn Stancil of Mode Analytics

Here's a look at the map that Stancil made in terms of per capita:

via Benn Stancil of Mode Analytics

Based on those graphics, it's no wonder that the ACC and the Big Ten are the top conferences in the nation most years.

Stancil also put together great maps to show where college football teams recruit.