Boston Red Sox: Kevin Youkilis Produces a Silent Earthquake

Galen GarnerContributor IApril 23, 2008

Whether it is his great goatee or his oddball swing, there is something very special about the man that claims first base home for the Boston Red Sox.

He isn't a superstar like Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz, he is just plain ole' Youk.

Kevin Youkilis delivers day in and day out for the defending World Series champions, but why isn't he acknowledged with the credit he deserves outside of Red Sox Nation?

The problem seems to lie within the rest of baseball and its unwillingness to allow another first-base superstar to arise due to many current disappointments.

This should not be the case because Youkilis is a real-deal superstar that deserves massive amounts of credit.

He is no disgrace to the Red Sox uniform, and he continually proves that he truly is a titan of talent. His efforts in the field are errorless, his performance at the plate is clutch, and he still manages to keep a top Major League Baseball's greatest facial hair list.

As of April 23, he is batting a nice .354 with two homers, 14 RBIs, and 15 runs in only 82 at-bats. He also holds the MLB record for most consecutive games without committing an error, yet his rookie card can be purchased on eBay for only $1.95.

His talent may not be appreciated by other baseball fans yet, but among the followers of Red Sox Nation he has already inked himself a spot in their hearts forever.

Youkilis, among many other great Red Sox youngsters, goes to show that talent can still be farm bred in the minors. So hold onto your trousers and be prepared, for the days of glitzy team hoping superstars is over and the Age of Youk has begun.

To the fans of Red Sox Nation, he is the quiet superstar who needs nothing more than a simple cheer of "Yooooouuuukkkkk!" for his super powers to ignite.

And for the rest of baseball, he is the lion hiding in the grass striking silently unnoticed.