World Football's Top 10 Photobombers

Tom Sunderland@@TomSunderland_Featured ColumnistJanuary 22, 2014

World Football's Top 10 Photobombers

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    Through advances in technology and its use within social media, "photobombing" has become one of the trending fascinations among not just your average member of the public, but a near compulsion for professional athletes.

    And while the stars of the NBA and NFL are more famed for their comical photo intrusions, the fad has wormed its way into the world of football in recent years.

    Whether accidental or intentional, appropriate or otherwise, there are a selection of stars who have proven especially adept when it comes to cropping themselves into the ideal photo op.

10. Howard Webb

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    As far as research can determine, Howard Webb is a first-time offender when it comes to photobombing, but what a fine debut effort it was for the English official.

    The referee's best work came at the beginning of 2014, when BT Sport managed to catch this well-timed snap, posted through their Twitter account:

    #PHOTOBOMB Howard Webb manages to pull off a cheeky photobomb on his fellow officials at The Etihad last night.

    — BT Sports Panel (@BTSP) January 9, 2014

    Not all officials are noted for having superb senses of humour, but Webb shows that even the neutrals are capable of having a laugh.

9. Carlos Tevez

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    Long though it's been since his time at the Etihad Stadium came to a close, there remains a bounty of images that remind us of Carlos Tevez's accomplishments with Manchester City.

    Premier League title and FA Cup be damned, the Argentinian deserves a medal for his work when it comes to bombarding the otherwise normal picture settings of his teammates.

    That's thanks to this superb contribution from several years ago, where Tevez wasn't quite content being left in the shadows of Mario Balotelli and Sergio Aguero (via @KevinFSE):

    Haha Carlos Tevez the #LEGEND What a PhotoBOMB!! :"D #MCFC

    — self-proclaimeddeity (@KevinFSE) April 30, 2013

    Who Ate All The Pies' Chris Wright also managed to catch a copy of the photo, which shows a more playful side of the striker than was always on show during his time as a Citizen.

8. Mario Balotelli

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    "Videobombing" may well have to be placed in its own category of social phenomenon after Mario Balotelli's semi-nude escapades through the middle of the mixed zone following a friendly against Brazil in 2013.

    The Italian international is of course famed for his nonchalant attitude, which was on full display as he strode through the background of his opponents' interviews, draped only in a towel at the time.

    Of course, this isn't Balotelli's only photo inclusion, and the image of his flexed torso after scoring against Germany at Euro 2012 has been photoshopped into countless situations.

7. Phil Jones

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    Some players are famed for their superb playing talents, while others are more recognised for pulling some of the most unfortunate faces when tasked with a high-pressure situation.

    Phil Jones would be a combination of the two, but perhaps is most recognised for the latter.

    While he's still only 21 years of age, the England international has found himself in countless gurn-worthy scenarios, of which Twitter has taken note:

    Photobombing by Phil Jones.

    — Azeem (@AzeemZMir) July 18, 2013

    Phil Jones..... again!.....

    — FantasyPremierLeague (@_fantasypremier) April 14, 2013

    Phil Jones photobomb?

    — P@ (@Pattriickkk) April 9, 2013

    Whether he's directly involved in the action or not, poor Jones doesn't seem capable of keeping a look of cool on his face for more than a few minutes at a time.

6. David Beckham

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    Unwavering good guy David Beckham took the photobombing game to new heights in July 2012, when he popped in on no less than 60 unassuming members of the public as part of an Adidas promotion campaign.

    As The Mirror's Damien Fletcher reported at the time, the English legend's presence left some unsuspecting fans in tears, while others were happy to pose with the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan and Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.

    Though his playing days might be over, so powerful is the allure that is Beckham, he doesn't need a playing career to get in on the action.

5. Mamadou Sakho

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    Mamadou Sakho was regarded as something of a joker in the Paris Saint-Germain camp, and it's good to see that some of his less serious tendencies have transferred over to Anfield.

    The Reds defender can be seen here making life extremely difficult for centre-back partner Martin Skrtel, whose concentration wavers as he attempts to make his way through an interview.

    As long as Sakho continues to add his spin of no-nonsense defending on the pitch, Brendan Rodgers will undoubtedly have no issues with him releasing his comedic demons off of it.

4. David Moyes

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    There hasn't always been good cause for joy around Old Trafford this season, but at least David Moyes has shown that he's capable of putting a grin on his face.

    Through all the trials and tribulations that a maiden campaign at the Red Devils' helm has thrown his way, the Scot has been caught in a number of hilarious background images, most notably posted by Paddy Power and Monster Bets on Twitter:


    David Moyes loves a good photobomb!

    — Paddy Power (@paddypower) December 22, 2013

    For those that missed it, here's the David Moyes Photobomb Part I #MUFC

    — MonsterBets (@Monster_Bets) December 21, 2013

    The Premier League title race may not be going to plan for his side, but at least Moyes is always happy to oblige when a good photo op presents itself.

3. Vicente Del Bosque on Capello

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    He's one of the most unassuming characters in the sport at times, but Vicente Del Bosque remains arguably the best manager on the planet following his command of the Spanish national team in recent years.

    However, guiding a country to three major international titles for the first time in history doesn't have to be a monotonous burden, as the Spaniard showed at the 2013 World Cup draw in December.

    Creeping up behind Russian national team coach Fabio Capello, Del Bosque crafted one of the most well-timed photobombs in world football memory, as BT Sport show: 

    #PHOTOBOMB Fabio Capello gets 'photobombed' by Vicente Del Bosque at the World Cup Draw!

    — BT Sports Panel (@BTSP) December 6, 2013

    Though he may be 63 years of age, Del Bosque's face has all the mischief of an adolescent about it.

2. Martin Caceres

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    Warning: Nudity and images NSFW included in this slide

    Perhaps among the most expertly struck photobombs are the examples where those offending aren't even aware that they're perched in the backdrop of someone's snap.

    Enter Martin Caceres.

    After the 2011 Copa America win, Diego Forlan was kind enough to upload some images of the event and the ecstasy that ensued.

    However, as 101GreatGoals show, he could have done with screening the photos first before uploading them anywhere public.

    However, the images got out, and there, in all his glory, was a fully naked Martin Caceres just minding his own business while Forlan rejoiced, clothed and with dignity intact.

    The poor Uruguayan defender probably had no idea what the other kids around the lunch table were laughing about until someone showed him what had unfolded. without his knowledge.

1. David Luiz

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    Arguably one of the most carefree, have-to-love figures in the sport, if there's one thing David Luiz can't be accused of, it's taking the game too seriously.

    Although the Brazilian undoubtedly loves it when the focus is all on him, he's also happy to slip into the background and cause a stir, as he showed at the Chelsea training ground in 2011.

    Despite only being at the club for a number of months, Luiz settled in swiftly enough to prank unsuspecting Chelsea TV presenter Gigi Salmon, who is undoubtedly used to such things happening to her at the Premier League club.

    Nonetheless, Luiz sticks with this performance to the end, and it's not the first time he's made a few laughs from a cameo role.